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Accreditation Seminar

Invisible Decade of the Artisan

According to the Department of Higher Education & Training and the Department of Labour, this is the decade of apprenticeships in South Africa. Viva mofos! The 'Decade of the Artisan' was launched two years ago in February 2014 and ends in 2024. Abracadabra! The idea is excellent, but the delivery is...INVISIBLE. There is no massive…
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Who Takes Trainers Seriously?

SAPTA provides an agency of collaboration, endorsement, development and protection of trainers and facilitators. As such, both independent contractors and those formally employed in positions that foster learning and development should join. This article is written as a response to the SAPTA networking event held in Johannesburg. Attending the event and unpacking SAPTA's vision was something…
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Which ‘Intelligence’ Are You?

 Useful tips for understanding your smartness and why 'Multiple Intelligence' is important for your learning. Author of “Tips and Tidbits for Parents and Teachers – celebrating 50 years in the classroom and sharing what I have learned,’ Pat Kozyra, writes a follow up to her article "Get Yourself Truly Motivated' for Keep Climbing the NQF.  The Seven…
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Lego at Work: Play to Grow!

How playing with plastic bricks can free your ability to innovate and recreate, improving service, productivity and solution seeking mindsets. Pete Smith writes about  LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® The role of LEGO in Innovation LEGO can be used to create the environment in which innovation flourishes. It’s not a matter of saying to people “There’s some LEGO.…
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Qualifications, Fraud and Disputed Credits

Qualification Fraud In December 2014 the Minister of Higher Education and Training highlighted problems in education and training. Some problems are ongoing and it's important that people who wish to participate in the system - be it as Beneficiary (eg. Learner) or Service Provider (eg. Training company) understands the challenges. What is the Minister's role? The NQF Act, No. 67…
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International Corporate Training Trends

Training is relative to economic activity and, or macro economic growth policies. Global Growth in Training In America, an economic recovery is resulting in increased spending on corporate training as companies are identifying huge skills gaps. The 2014 Corporate Learning Factbook shows that the US spending on corporate training grew by 15% in 2014 (the highest growth rate in seven…
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100 Paper Clip Uses and Problem Solving

Facilitating Mind Bending Paper Clip Philosophy Learning can be an experience that turns, twists and bends you out of shape. The process can even make you question  your ability to 'keep it together' - a basic paper clip expectation. Sometimes we must be reminded of the endless possibilities that exist for us when we are…
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How South Africa Ranks in World Happiness

[caption id="attachment_1568" align="aligncenter" width="605"] South Africa is ONLY at 96th position :-([/caption] The 2013 World Happiness Report, based on survey data from 2010 to 2012, outlines six variables that have an impact on country happiness: years of healthy life expectancy having someone to count on in times of trouble (sometimes referred to as “social support”) perceptions…
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What are you holding in bed?

One in 4 people don't silence their phone before going to bed. Here's a fun infographic about the gadgets people hold onto. People Hold on to Technology   Researchers who've covered the topic say smart people need less sleep, but these days there's lots of stuff to keep everyone awake! It's just a pity that…
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