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CAT. How SAQA allows Learners to be credited for Maths and Languages

Credit Accumulation Transfer (CAT) CAT is the acronym for “Credit Accumulation Transfer”, and is based on a model developed by SAQA that is used to determine how CAT (Credit Award Transfer) can be implemented to recognise school / FET qualifications and sector qualifications. This ensures that learners don't repeat the exercise of learning something they already know.…
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Business Systems Required for Accredited Training

Recommendations for establishing effective systems SYSTEM ROLE OBJECTIVES Finance Should explain how to establish the framework for expenditure and implement financial control mechanisms GAAP principles Budget detailing projected income and expenditure Human Resources Explain how staff is provided with  guidelines, support, procedures and details on all aspects that affect their employment Criteria used in staff selection…
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Assessment Management and Accreditation

Assessment is a quality indicator and as such, should be a detailed component of your Quality Management System. The following content was covered during the Accreditation workshop on Programme Management, Learner Management and Assesment Management. Assessment and Moderation Policies and Procedures Quality Assurance Councils want to see policies and procedures for forms of assessments and…
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SAQA’s Quality Management Systems policy guide

Training providers require policies and procedures in order to structure and quality assure their training services. The Criteria for Accreditation This post summarises key points about quality determinants in the training sector that are referred to in SAQA’s policy guideline document on Quality Management Systems. The South African Qualification Authority Act of 1995 defines an education and training…
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Quality Management System, Program Delivery and Learner Policies Workshops

 SETA, CHE, QCTO Accreditation, Business Process and Market Position [caption id="attachment_4937" align="alignright" width="201"] All delegates are gifted with a presentation e-book containing resources, advice, and bullet proof instructions.[/caption] The accreditation seminars cover various areas of the SETA, CHE and QCTO Accreditation submission. We flesh out the specific requirements for the legislated core criteria and build an…
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SETA Checklist for Full Accreditation

SAMPLE SETA MONITORING & EVALUATION REPORT [caption id="attachment_4937" align="alignleft" width="130"] Register for SETA accreditation workshops and learn how to Do-It-Yourself.[/caption] This monitoring and evaluation tool provides a reference point for training providers applying for full accreditation and those who are first-time accreditation applicants. When you first apply for accreditation, you can never satisfy all compliance…
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RPL Policy, Evidence Analysis and Assessor Roles

The RPL Policy & Procedure Organisations must submit a Recognition of Prior Learning policy as part of their accreditation application. The following is an outline of what this policy should contain. Reference Points Education and training policies and procedures must reference existing legislation and policy documents provided by the DoL, SAQA, the DHET, QCTO and…
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