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Become an accredited QCTO Skills Development Provider

The Quality Council for Trade and Occupations While accreditation for most occupational qualifications still lies with the SETAs, from 2018 the QCTO will assume full skills provider accrediting powers. Providers applying for accreditation need to check if the qualification they wish to be accredited for is still with the SETA or now only available through…
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How Learning Programmes are developed, delivered and evaluated for Accreditation

Your Quality Management System for Training Delivery must include policies and procedures for the development, design and delivery of learning interventions. Quality Assurance Regulatory bodies that accredit training organisations, require evidence to prove that quality processes are followed. Read about the legislated 8-core criteria for accreditation Articles to deepen your understanding of accreditation  Systems for Education Quality Management…
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Core Criteria for Accreditation

8-Core Criteria The core criteria were defined in the ETQA Regulations (R 1127 of 8 September 1988) and also in the Quality Management Systems for ETQAs and Criteria and Guidelines for Providers. If you want to know how to meet the core criteria, attend the accreditation workshops where they are each unpacked. The table below…
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QCTO qualifications for Physical, Mathematical, Computer and Life Sciences registered on SAQA

Field 010 - Physical, Mathematical, Computer and Life Sciences The following qualifications for Physical, Mathematical, Computer and Life Sciences are registered on SAQA and fall into the domain Of the QCTO. Qualifications cover the following Sub-fields: Information Technology and Computer Sciences Physical Sciences Learning Subfield Qual / Prog ID Qualification Title / Learning Programme Title…
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SAQA registered QCTO Qualifications in Human and Social Studies

The Quality Council for Trade and Occupations (QCTO) is on a tight deadline for 2018. Qualifications that are in demand by industry must be rewritten in order to meet QCTO specifications. Field 007 - Human and Social Studies 6 Qualifications out of the current total of 475 QCTO qualifications on SAQA are for Field 007 -…
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QCTO Qualifications for Agriculture and Nature Conservation registered on SAQA

The Quality Council for Trade and Occupations (QCTO) is on a tight deadline. Qualifications that are in demand by industry must be rewritten in order to meet QCTO specifications by 2018. Field 001 - Agriculture and Nature Conservation The following Sub-fields have registered QCTO qualifications: Horticulture Primary Agriculture Learning Subfield Qual / Prog ID Qualification…
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12 QMS Considerations for Training

A great Quality Management System (QMS) enshrines all that a business represents and delivers upon. A QMS ensures that three important requirements are met It provides detailed business systems: Internal and external operational requirements are stipulated Ensures the efficient utilization of human, physical, technological and information resources. 2. It provides training systems that include: development delivery…
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How many QCTO Qualifications are Registered by SAQA? – Infographic

475 QCTO Qualifications Available on SAQA Currently, a total of 475 qualifications by the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations are registered with SAQA. This infographic illustrates the number of qualifications in different fields. [embed][/embed] More about QCTO Qualifications Field 003 - Business, Commerce and Management Studies 136 Field 006 - Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology…
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QCTO’s short AQP List and Market Tips

The list of Assessment Quality Partners should be reviewed when deciding upon qualifications for QCTO accreditation. If you select a qualification that does not yet have an allocated AQP - that qualification will not yet be ready to take to market as learners cannot be assessed for certification purposes. List of only 14 Accredited Assessment…
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Training Accreditation Seminars unpack Biz Development

Accreditation and Business Development Strategy Why get accredited if you don't know how to compete? Sign up to learn the relevance of, and business expansion opportunities that are attached to accreditation. When an organisation embarks on accreditation, the greatest value is the signal to the market that they deliver a reputable product aligned to industry…
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3 Key Documents for QCTO Skills Development Providers

QCTO Policy Interested in QCTO accreditation? Download these three policy documents and structure your application to meet the criteria. The future of occupational training lies with the Quality Council of Trade and Occupations. While most accreditation for most qualifications is still only available via the SETAs, from 2018 the QCTO will assume provider accrediting powers. Providers…
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When the QCTO Hits, don’t Let it Hurt

Why SETA Changes Will Occur: Illustrating Ignorance The SETA structure is confusing to most ETD practitioners and the general public struggle to connect them with value. Most people don't know how to find accredited training providers or skills practitioners. Hopefully, with one structure representing a cohesive occupational framework, it will be easier for stakeholders and beneficiaries…
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