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Energy and Water SETA Qualifications

The Energy and Water Sector Education and Training Authority (EWSETA) serves the energy and water sectors. Here's a list of EWSETA qualifications. EWSETA Qualifications Qualifications include the fields of: Civil Engineering Construction Electrical Infrastructure Construction Engineering and Related Design Manufacturing and Assembly Physical Planning Design and Management Physical Sciences Safety in Society EWSETA ensures that…
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Beware Fake Colleges Fake Qualifications

Prior to enrolment, students MUST verify the credentials of private colleges or institutions by contacting the DHET Call Centre on the number provided below. Fraudulent private higher education colleges Learners who fail to check their providers credentials are asking for trouble. The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has lodged a total of 21 cases…
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Limpopo Public Colleges

Looking for college contacts in the Limpopo? List of Limpopo College Contacts TVET Student Support Services Professional student support services are available at most public TVET Colleges. New students may be required to complete a competency assessment on enrolment.  This will assist the college to determine the most suitable learning and support programmes for the prospective…
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List of all SA Public TVET Colleges

List of all TVET College websites in South Africa.  Tip: TVET colleges also offer Learnerships. Technical and Vocational Education and Training  The Department of Higher Education and Training (abbreviated DHET) administers Post-School Education and Training. Post-School Education and Training includes Universities and Private Higher Education Institutions, TVET Colleges and Private Colleges, newly established Community Education…
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QCTO Qualifications for Agriculture and Nature Conservation registered on SAQA

The Quality Council for Trade and Occupations (QCTO) is on a tight deadline. Qualifications that are in demand by industry must be rewritten in order to meet QCTO specifications by 2018. Field 001 - Agriculture and Nature Conservation The following Sub-fields have registered QCTO qualifications: Horticulture Primary Agriculture Learning Subfield Qual / Prog ID Qualification…
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Registered QCTO Qualifications for Communication Studies and Language

The Quality Council for Trade and Occupations (QCTO) is responsible for ensuring that occupational qualifications registered are in demand. All qualifications formerly under the custodianship of the different SETAs must be rewritten by 2018 for this new context. Field 004 - Communication Studies and Language There are currently only 11 qualifications registered with the Quality…
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Registered QCTO Qualifications for Health Sciences and Social Services

Field 009 - Health Sciences and Social Services There are currently 48 QCTO registered qualifications covering the following sub-fields of Health Sciences and Social Services: Curative Health Preventive Health Promotive Health and Developmental Services Rehabilitative Health/Services Learning Subfield Qual / Prog ID Qualification Title / Learning Programme Title NQF Level Originator Min Credits Qualification against…
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SAQA Registered QCTO Qualifications for Culture and Arts

Field 002 - Culture and Arts Culture and Arts currently only includes registered qualifications for the following sub-fields: Design Studies Music Performing Arts Sport Visual Arts 50 Qualifications for Creatives Here's the list of 50 Culture and Arts qualifications currently registered by the QCTO on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF): Learning Subfield Qual / Prog…
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QCTO registered Qualifications for Physical Planning and Construction

Field 012 - Physical Planning and Construction Currently, a total of 475 qualifications by the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations are registered by SAQA with 56 falling within the field of Physical Planning and Construction. Physical Planning and Construction has qualifications for the following sub-fields Building Construction Civil Engineering Construction Electrical Infrastructure Construction Physical Planning…
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