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Blade’s Tips: Tertiary Dreams, Finance and Scarce Skills

Advice from Minister of Higher Education and Training Dr Blade Nzimande about study, work and funding opportunities for Matrics (12 January 2017). Identify scarce skills in order to find funding and learning opportunities. Study, Career and Funding Options are Based Upon Scarce and Critical Skills Matrics who have not succeeded, should rewrite their examinations or pursue…
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Tips For Finding Facilitation Work

Facilitators, Freelancing and being a Big Fish As a result of the incentives that government provides, the training sector has immense growth potential. However, employment is often haphazard for even the most expert facilitator, assessor and moderator. The training sector appears to be characterised by two typical business models, each posing barriers to success for…
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Surviving Genocide Finding Humanity

No matter how you feel, you CAN make it. If you can’t believe this, believe that your descendants will. Therese Umuhoza from Rwanda tells her inspirational story of triumph and career satisfaction. It's a story that challenges readers to question their inner lion. Therese reflects on life and adversity   Not only has her world been shaped by…
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How To Get Yourself Truly Motivated!

Education Author and Teacher of 50 years writes about motivation and how to get your learning groove on! IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO ME! Author of “Tips and Tidbits for Parents and Teachers – celebrating 50 years in the classroom and sharing what I have learned.’ Canadian Pat Kozyra, writes for Keep…
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What Are Soft and Hard Skills? What Skills do Employers Look For?

It's important to know the skills that are most important for companies that are hiring. This information will assist you to be better prepared for the application and interview process. Looking for a Job or Making a Career Change? There are three essential skill sets that applicants should demonstrate when applying for jobs: Transferable, Soft and Hard Skills Transferable Skills These…
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Answers to Life, Learning and Happiness from a Youth

Tenele is the author of popular post ‘Tenele’s Story – My Journey up the NQF.’ Her moving story reflects the challenges of life and the quiet dignity of youth who persevere through struggles. Her Story Like many young Africans, Tenele has lived in different parts of the continent before finding her father's home tribe in South…
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