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Human Rights Violations at #WRSETA

W&R SETA's  defective leadership condones practices that exploit and victimise the youth and vulnerable.  W&R SETA fails legislation and the public by not knowing legislation and not monitoring industry stakeholders or engaging when the public raises concerns. The DHET must note the W&R SETA neglect of duty and inability to perform. Open letter to the W&R…
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Top Interview Question Answered

Why Do You Want To Work Here?  A question frequently asked in interviews, you're expected to have a great answer!  There's a huge difference between a well thought out response and a spontaneous one. Don't be spontaneous. Plan your answer thoroughly by researching the company and the job. Prepare 'Why do you want to work…
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8 Learnership Recruitment and Selection Strategy Tips

Recruiting unemployed candidates for a learnership? Here are some sensible rules to follow. Learnership Recruitment Tips Elephant in the Room Payment. Let's just be upfront.  Learnerships were conceptualised as pro-poor interventions addressing youth development and unemployment challenges. This training and development space has become highly incentivised with few financial advantages for the poor.  Sure, candidates…
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Best Interview Tips for #Learnerships and Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships, Learnerships, and Internships are job specific qualifications preparing you for work in a range of or specific industries.  Interview Tips for Job-based Qualifications and Internships  How to Prepare and What to Say You've made it through to the interview round! way to go!!! It means you've been shortlisted out of a couple of hundred, let…
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