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CAT. How SAQA allows Learners to be credited for Maths and Languages

Credit Accumulation Transfer (CAT) CAT is the acronym for “Credit Accumulation Transfer”, and is based on a model developed by SAQA that is used to determine how CAT (Credit Award Transfer) can be implemented to recognise school / FET qualifications and sector qualifications. This ensures that learners don't repeat the exercise of learning something they already know.…
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Assessment Management and Accreditation

Assessment is a quality indicator and as such, should be a detailed component of your Quality Management System. The following content was covered during the Accreditation workshop on Programme Management, Learner Management and Assesment Management. Assessment and Moderation Policies and Procedures Quality Assurance Councils want to see policies and procedures for forms of assessments and…
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Are our Students Ready for a Wired Future?

The Occupational Training Context The occupational training setting poses unique challenges. Working in this environment, some of the challenges experienced include barebones budgets, limited access to ethically sound accredited trainers, learner readiness and time commitment challenges from industry(amongst others). These factors impose limitations on the modes of training delivery and increase dissatisfaction throughout the training…
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Identify Target Markets for NQF Unit Standards and Qualifications

If you want to become SETA accredited it's essential that you select qualifications or unit standards for skills programmes that are registered on the National Qualifications Framework. Identifying your Training Target Market If you want to become SETA accredited it's essential that you select qualifications or unit standards for skills programmes that are registered on…
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What is a Unit Standard?

Unit standards are individual components of a qualification. What are they worth? [caption id="attachment_1437" align="aligncenter" width="179" class=" "] A unit standard is like a brick in a wall. It is a small part of something much bigger.[/caption] Unit Standards are Bricks Building Your Education Wall If bricks are used to build a wall, unit standards…
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Curriculum development and Adult Learning

What questions underpin curriculum design? Curriculum Design for Occupational Training and Development Vocational training is about developing on-the-job-competencies but the manner in which we approach the process can be detrimental if we confine ourselves only to that narrow definition. Vocational training also needs to include decision making and guidance for aspirations if the experience is…
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Designing Specific Outcome Aligned Activities

In South Africa, vocational training programs  need to be aligned to unit standards in order to be accredited by a Sector Education and Training Authority. Below is a table illustrating the process that I use when I need to explain how to create aligned activities to a training organization. Activities Discussions, presentations, case studies, interviews,…
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Curriculum Design in South Africa

Curriculum design should happen in brainstorming sessions including as many stakeholders as possible. It's wise to get a professional to coordinate the session in order to ensure that it is effective. When assisting clients with developing a curriculum for a South African Quality Assurance qualification, I use these 5 simple steps.   [caption id="attachment_707" align="aligncenter"…
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