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MICT SETA Bursary and Learnership Allocations for 2016

MICT SETA has 350 bursaries and 3000 Learnerships allocated for Advertising, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Media   Tell me what you think. My opinion is that it's inadequate. This sector can drive generic IT skills that can positively impact across all economic sectors. The limited impact of 3000 bursary and learnership beneficiaries nationally is a…
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MQA (mining) Training Allocations for 2016 “lol”

The MQA, that 'OMG' dynamic agency of mining industry development The MQA is offering a pathetic total of 105 bursaries across 19 fields of study. The end. That's it. No learnerships, apprenticeships or skills development for the unemployed or retrenched in this sector. Feels like a joke right? Could be interesting doing more research into…
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CHIETA Learning Allocations for 2016

CHIETAs Learnerships, Apprenticeships, Skills Programs and Bursary Targets for 2016 This list of CHIETA learning program allocations includes the number of beneficiaries to be targeted (only 1498 nationally). They do however offer quite a range of fields of study. WANT TO BE A LEARNER? Use the contact details to request further information. Watch how you…
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TETA’s trickle of Training Allocations for 2016 (Transport)

TETA is the Transport Education and Training Authority (SETA) TETA is going to change the lives of less than 130 unskilled individuals through learnerships, apprenticeships and skills programs. It appears that the transport industry is too small for job creation and upward mobility.  Rough! WANT TO BE A LEARNER? Obviously, your options in this sector…
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W&RSETA Biggest Training Allocation for 2016

The Wholesale and Retail SETA is planning to nail the numbers in learning allocations. Bursaries, apprenticeships, learnerships  and a massive number of skills programs are being offered spanning different levels of the NQF. Their interventions could benefit more than 10 000 people! Those are the kinds of numbers we should see at the SETAs. Great stuff…
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Construction (CETA) Apprenticeships

CETA is the Construction industry SETA. CETA isn't offering learnerships, skills programs or bursaries. They are only offering funded apprenticeships in 2016. WANT TO BE A LEARNER? Use the contact details to request further information. Watch how you present yourself, it’s important to be seen as a professional and someone who is serious about pursuing opportunity. Write…
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Finance, Banking, Accounting and Insurance SETA trends in 2016

BANKSETA, INSETA and FASSET Learning Program Allocations in 2016 Listed below are the job fields addressed by these SETAs. If you find something that interests you, contact the person responsible using te contact details provided. Chartered Certified Accountant Short Term Insurance Accounting technician Accounting, Information Technology and Actuarial Science Accounting, information technology, finance Accounting Technician…
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CATHSSETA Training Priorities for 2016

JOB FIELDS PRIORITISED BY THE CATHSSETA IN 2016 Bursaries and training opportunities are available in gaming, culture, hospitality, arts, sports, tourism and heritage. Here's a list of the specific job fields being prioritised: Sports Administration/ Recreation Leisure Animal Attendant/ Groomer Assistant Chef Bookmaker's Clerk Business Administration Catering Production Manager Cinema or Theatre Manager Collection management…
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Services SETA Training Priorities for 2016

Diverse learning opportunities offered by Services SETA The SSETA spans a wide variety of industries, jobs and qualifications. The following is a list of job fields that they focussed on in 2016. Adult Basic Education and Training Auctioneering Auctioneering Practices Beauty and Nail Technology ( Nail Services) Beauty Salon Management Beauty Therapy &Beauty Care Body…
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AGRISETA Training Priorities for 2016

These are the job fields prioritised by the AGRISETA in 2016 Welding, Boiler making Fitting & Turning Diesel &Automotive Motor Mechanic Millwright Electrician Refrigeration Instrumentation Agriculture Plant Production Animal Production Biotechnology Agriculture Economics Plant Production Animal Production Mixed Farming Systems Farm Management New Venture Creation Plant production Animal Production Mixed Farming Learning Programs Being Offered…
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All SETA Learnership Priorities for 2016

A comprehensive list of SETA Learnerships prioritised for 2016 Use this information if you want a learnership or if you're a business looking for a market opportunity. SETAs have specific goals that must be achieved, these goals are based on industry employment and growth needs. The DHET has published priorities for 2016, their priorities are…
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All SETA Skills Program Allocation Limits for 2016

 Skills Programs Prioritized by SETAs Only 9 SETAs have been allocated skills programs for 2016 by the DHET. This seems conservative against the backdrop of skills shortages and unemployment. Below is the list of SETAs and the number of learners they wish to capacitate via skills programs: SETA NO OF LEARNERS W&RSETA 8324 ETDPSETA 4800…
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