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SETA Training and Bursary priorities in 2016

SETA training and bursary allocations for 2016

If you’re looking for a learnership, apprenticeship, skills program or bursary use the contact details provided to request more information about application procedures.

If you’re a business looking for funded training interventions then you’ll need to know what the SETA allocations are. Check if any of the programs you are accredited for appear on any of the lists. If you find something you are accredited for, use the contact information provided to request further information.

I’m sure that like me, you’re waiting to find out when the QCTO will publish information about their funding for the 18.2 (the unemployed) market.

If you’re a facilitator, moderator or assessor for any of the qualifications appearing on these lists – contact the relevant SETA personnel and request the names of the training providers who will be rolling out these programs. You might find work with them. If training providers haven’t yet been appointed, do the market research yourself and notify the organisations if you’re available.



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