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SETA Accreditation for Science, Engineering and Technical Fields

Becoming accredited with CHIETA, MERSETA or the MQA CHIETA, MERSETA and the MQA These three SETAs cover the following sectors: CHIETA Chemical Industries MERSETA Manufacturing, Engineering and related services MQA Mining Why SETA Accreditation? If you are an organisation that currently offers training and / or coaching services and you understand the relevance of delivering…
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210 Qualifications for Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services

MERSETA Qualifications If you want to pursue a career in manufacturing, engineering and related services the following is  a list of qualifications that you could select from in order to prepare for this sector. If you are pursuing business interests and want to become accredited by the MERSETA to offer training  and contribute to skills…
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167 Scarce Skills in the Mining Sector

Scarce skills identified by the Mining Qualifications Authority If Science, maths and technical stuff interests you, whether it's for your own career development or if it's skills you wish to share with students - understanding what the scarce skills are in the job market is an advantage. Knowledge of scarce skills helps you to identify…
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Wholesale and Retail Learnership Qualifications

Want to become accredited to train in this sector? Here's a list of WRSETA Qualifications that are available as learnerships. Remember that the registration end date indicates when the qualification will be updated or discarded. You can check the QCTO website for new versions of these qualifications as they become available. Read this advice if…
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News Alert for Learners and Training Businesses

Check it out! New Website The commitment to making information accessible to the public and to business is still the primary vision and motivation. As a result, it was necessary to perform a few upgrades to the website and make preparations for new data to be published. What's in it for Learners and Potential Learners…
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CHIETA Qualifications for Chemical Industry Careers

Finding career development opportunities in the chemical industries. Listed in this post are Chemical Industry Qualifications from NQF level 1 to 4. If you want to be a Learner Google the SAQA NLRD ID Click on a link or the SAQA Qualification Scroll down to the bottom of the qualification to see who the accredited…
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SETA Training and Bursary priorities in 2016

SETA training and bursary allocations for 2016 If you're looking for a learnership, apprenticeship, skills program or bursary use the contact details provided to request more information about application procedures. If you're a business looking for funded training interventions then you'll need to know what the SETA allocations are. Check if any of the programs…
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Find Lists of SETA Training Providers

Qualifications and Providers Go Hand in Hand The following is a list of posts containing accredited training provider contact details and lists of registered qualifications. This page will be continuously updated as more information is collected and checked prior to publication. Agriculture 85 Qualifications for Agriculture Banking BANKSETA Qualifications and Training Providers List Colleges List…
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Don’t be alarmed by Quality Councils, Accreditation, Legislation and Markets

10 Accreditation Seminars for CHE, QCTO and SETA Strategy Organisations who wish to become fully accredited training entities or who are in the process but are experiencing difficulties can attend our capacity building seminars. These seminars are designed to build a deeper understanding of the accreditation legislation and SETA, CHE or QCTO accreditation criteria. Click…
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SETA Checklist for Full Accreditation

SAMPLE SETA MONITORING & EVALUATION REPORT [caption id="attachment_4937" align="alignleft" width="130"] Register for SETA accreditation workshops and learn how to Do-It-Yourself.[/caption] This monitoring and evaluation tool provides a reference point for training providers applying for full accreditation and those who are first-time accreditation applicants. When you first apply for accreditation, you can never satisfy all compliance…
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Check Training Provider Credentials

If you want to ensure that the training provider you are using is legit, you can contact the Quality Assurer that they are supposed to be accredited with. Here's a list of contacts that different providers should be registered with or accredited by: School Education Providers  must be registered with: The Department of Higher Education…
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