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Cape Town SETA and QCTO Accreditation Power Sessions

Five Workshop Dates 11 October: Holistic Building Blocks for SETA Accreditation 12 October: Quality Management Systems & Review Mechanisms 13 October: Programme Development, Learner and Assessment Management policies and procedures 14 October: Business Management system, aligned Policy Statement and Human Resources 8 February 2017: Quality Council for Trade and Occupations accreditation and market analysis Workshop…
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Johannesburg SETA and QCTO Accreditation Workshops in Nov and Dec

The series of 5 workshops cover various topics and themes relevant to legislation and provider delivery. In addition, you get to have conversations with organisations facing similar challenges. [caption id="attachment_4937" align="alignleft" width="171"] Register for more than one workshop and receive discounted rates. All delegates are gifted with a presentation e-book containing resources, advice, and bullet…
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Durban SETA and QCTO Accreditation Workshops

Structuring Successful Accreditation Strategies Workshops cover legislated accreditation criteria for education and training organisations whilst drawing clear linkages between your operations and market strategy. If your business fails to expand after you've been accredited - you've done something wrong! Most likely you failed to conduct a comprehensive market analysis. Attend these workshops, get answers and go…
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QCTO lingo

A list of terms used by the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations. Feel like a Dummy?! Popular terms used by the QCTO Accredited Skills Development Provider means a provider of occupational learning accredited by the QCTO Assessment Centre means a centre accredited by the QCTO for the purpose of conducting external summative assessments for…
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QCTO Code of Conduct for Development and Assessment Quality Partners

Assessment Quality Partners (AQP) are delegated by the QCTO to manage and coordinate the external integrated summative assessments of specified NQF registered occupational qualifications and part qualifications. The QCTO Code of Conduct for Development Quality Partners (DQP) and Assessment Quality Partners (AQP) This is the code of conduct that AQPs and DQPs sign: We, the…
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QCTO criteria for Assessment Quality Partners

An AQP is an entity appointed by the QCTO and delegated to manage, on behalf of the QCTO, the assessment process in order to achieve desired objectives. AQP Principles and Values The following principles and values were taken into consideration during the development of the criteria and guidelines for becoming an AQP: External Assessment systems…
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How to make your SETA or QCTO Accreditation application relevant

The Accreditation Paper Trail When an organisation has SETA Accredited Training Provider status, they have the leverage to position their qualifications as competition to other leading learning institutions. Many organisations don't know how to begin a successful engagement with the SETA process because they lack a preparation strategy based upon market research. Select a Relevant…
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Complaints about some employers making stipend deductions and others requiring learners to repay stipends have surfaced more prominently this year than previously. Claims of Deductions and Repayment Threats The following are comments posted on Keep Climbing by learners questioning stipend deductions. Businesses named are welcome to send their statements and I will publish them. Learner…
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