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QCTO registered Qualifications for Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology

The Quality Council for Trade and Occupations (QCTO) is responsible for ensuring that occupational qualifications registered are in demand. All qualifications formerly under the custodianship of the different SETAs must be rewritten by 2018 for this new context. Field 006 – Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology This list of  Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology qualifications incorporates the…
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How many QCTO Qualifications are Registered by SAQA? – Infographic

475 QCTO Qualifications Available on SAQA Currently, a total of 475 qualifications by the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations are registered with SAQA. This infographic illustrates the number of qualifications in different fields. [embed][/embed] More about QCTO Qualifications Field 003 - Business, Commerce and Management Studies 136 Field 006 - Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology…
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QCTO’s short AQP List and Market Tips

The list of Assessment Quality Partners should be reviewed when deciding upon qualifications for QCTO accreditation. If you select a qualification that does not yet have an allocated AQP - that qualification will not yet be ready to take to market as learners cannot be assessed for certification purposes. List of only 14 Accredited Assessment…
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JHB SETA and QCTO Accreditation Workshops

Make Accreditation Strategic These workshops unpack criteria for full accreditation and raise awareness of strategic issues that training providers should bear in mind. Many make the mistake of hiring consultants to drive the accreditation process without learning and developing an understanding of what a training organisation is responsible for. This lack of understanding impacts on…
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3 Key Documents for QCTO Skills Development Providers

QCTO Policy Interested in QCTO accreditation? Download these three policy documents and structure your application to meet the criteria. The future of occupational training lies with the Quality Council of Trade and Occupations. While most accreditation for most qualifications is still only available via the SETAs, from 2018 the QCTO will assume provider accrediting powers. Providers…
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QCTO Qualifications and Assessment Partners

AQPs and their Qualifications [caption id="attachment_5181" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations workshop is ideal for those feeling challenged by imminent changes. Find your direction and understand the market.[/caption] The new QCTO landscape sees the addition of external summative assessment centres - or AQPs (Assessment Quality Partners). AQPs take over the role of…
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The QCTO and Impacts on Accredited Providers

Why SETA Changes Will Occur The SETA structure is confusing to most ETD practitioners and the general public struggle to connect them with value. Most people don't know how to find accredited training providers or skills practitioners. Hopefully, with one structure representing a cohesive occupational framework, it will be easier for stakeholders and beneficiaries to navigate…
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SETA, CHE and QCTO Accreditation Seminars

Accreditation Seminars The 10 accreditation seminars cover specific accreditation criteria and how to build a competitive business strategy. They target decision makers, business drivers, advisors and anyone who wants a proper grounding in accredited training requirements. The focus throughout the series of seminars is on linking legislation to business purpose. Tight Budget? If you can…
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SETA, CHE and QCTO Accreditation Support

Training Accreditation Support for Business The fact that SETAs must change means that industry will need to adapt to new procedures. Change can inspire your organisation's competitive edge. Read more about why changes are necessary and how to adapt to the new environment. Attend the QCTO seminar: How to Become a QCTO Accredited Skills Development…
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