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Job Interviews and Pay Negotiation in SA

Preparing for an important interview takes time. Questions about pay are likely to be asked by unfair recruiters. Ensure you’re ready to negotiate your wages and defend your rights!

Posts about job interviews and negotiating pay

Download form CC1 Report recruiters demanding pay slips

The complaint form is simple to complete, The Competition Commission wants you to state the ...
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REPORT firms asking for payslips during recruitment

The public is encouraged to report companies who demand payslips, or request other information pertaining ...
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What can I do if my pay is unfairly low?

Youth don't respect the outdated standard of keeping your salary top secret when secrets protect ...
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The Wage Negotiation Mindset

Kill it. An opportunity to negotiate your pay must excite, not stress you.  Poor preparation ...
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Best day of the week to ask for a pay raise? #talkpay

Timing, they say, is everything! Negotiating pay is a delicate process! Studies show which day ...
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Research Pay Before Job Interviews #TalkPay

Prepare for your interview by being ready to ask and answer questions about pay. Even ...
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Negotiating A Salary? #TalkPay

Are you nervous about negotiating your pay? Taking a look at salary trends is a ...
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Truworths Market Related Salary Comedy

I've criticised the Truworths recruitment strategy targeting vulnerable youth, withholding information and tricking applicants to ...
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80 Interview Questions

Some interview questions help evaluate your skill and depth of knowledge, many questions uncover your ...
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