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Lack of recruitment protections increases income inequality and the working poor. Human Resource Management imposes unfair restrictions of rights on job seekers. Professionals in the field compromise their integrity and ability to adjust to a democracy.
Section 23.1 SA Constitution "everyone is entitled to fair labour practices."
The Political Economy of Recruitment in South Africa
Policy lies and a hijacked Constitution
International precedents: Companies disclose compensation upfront
Why you will agree to earn less
What the public says about non-disclosure of salaries in adverts

Does income inequality exist because job applicants trust recruiters? #HRMustFall

In South Africa, unfair wages are a part of life. Carrie ...
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Why #HRMustFall and be redesigned in South Africa

Organisations operating in South Africa have depended on a docile, servile ...
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Three unfair recruitment advantages INFOGRAPHIC

Three unfair recruitment advantages prejudice job seekers in South Africa. Internationally, ...
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Recruitment, Price-Fixing and the Competition for Talent

This post outlines the spirit of the Competition Act and the ...
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#HRMustFall Job Applicant Describes Cape Town Recruitment Thug

A job seeker sent an email describing recent abuse at the ...
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What is unfair recruitment?

This infographic describes the unfair advantages employers and recruiters use when ...
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Are unfair job interviews why more than half South Africans earn R4 200 p/mth?

Interviewers are biased towards the company they recruit for, they want ...
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What can I do if my pay is unfairly low?

The old standard of keeping your salary confidential is less respected ...
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The MOFO Wage Negotiation Mindset

Kill it. The opportunity to negotiate your pay must excite, not ...
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“What are your pay expectations?” Interview Advice

Negotiating pay is all about preparation. Applicants who accept an offer ...
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Best day of the week to ask for a pay raise? #talkpay

Timing, they say, is everything! Negotiating pay is a delicate process! ...
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Is Non Disclosure of Pay in Job Ads Equally Fair to Employers and Applicants? #HRMustFall

Most job adverts fail to disclose pay as it places applicants ...
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Researching Salary Trends Before Job Interviews #TalkPay

Go into an interview prepared! Experienced negotiators refer to the amount ...
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Negotiating A Salary? #TalkPay

Are you nervous about negotiating your pay? Taking a look at ...
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Kwikspace Modular Buildings Freaky Learner Payment Clause

Are you about to sign a learnership contract? That's fabulous but ...
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Are you Job Captured? #HumanRights #workingpoor

Low wage jobs pay too little to save and only just ...
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Let’s check your Learnership Contract

Need a friend to check your contract and advise you? Or ...
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Your Pay Slip or No Job!

South Africans are challenging the Department of Justice to take action ...
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Claiming Learnership Fees From Unemployed Learners

Unemployed learners are told they are not entitled to stipends and ...
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Illegal SETA Learnerships and Contract Basics

Keep Climbing receives complaints and copies of unlawful Learnership contracts. In ...
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