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Unfair job ads
Send adverts that don't publish pay information and the links we can find them at.

Does Wholesale and Retail SETA Violate Legislation and Fail to Protect the Public?

W&R SETA's  defective leadership condones practices that exploit and victimise ...
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Where are Job Adverts without Compensation Banned?

The question to Truworths 'Why don't you disclose pay information ...
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How Job Ads Disadvantage Applicants

When job adverts don't disclose pay information, they set in ...
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Kelly Kills Unfair BANKSETA Learnership Ad

After complaints that a learnership ad without stipend and proper ...
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Public Enemy: Job Ads No Pay information

Before you apply for a job and enter a wage ...
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Agreeing to Income Inequality

The 'working poor,' are increasing. These people spend their productive ...
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Why people work for less pay or below market rate

There is a recruitment belief that there is always someone ...
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Truworths and the Market Related Salary

I've recently criticised a Truworths recruitment strategy targeting vulnerable youth ...
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Truworths Job Ads Against Public Interest?

Many recruitment adverts target unemployed youth and new market entrants ...
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Pay in Job Ads Now! Wreck It Wednesday

Being unemployed in today's economic climate places applicants at a ...
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What the public feels about non-disclosure of salaries in adverts

Job adverts that withhold salary or stipend details in an ...
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No Salary Advertised? That’s unfair labour practice. On your feet SA!

When unemployment is high, employers and recruiters daringly wield unlimited ...
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