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Why waste another minute on education and training Accreditation?

Alarmed by SETA, CHE or QCTO accreditation? SETA CHE QCTO Accreditation Information Seminars Sessions include market analysis tactics and practical solutions to accreditation challenges.  Three-hour seminars (R1 600) Building Blocks for Accreditation - a holistic overview of quality councils (CHE, QCTO and by default, SETAs) accreditation criteria. A brilliant session for those who need to…
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Why does a QMS include Marketing?

Market Relevance and Learning Beneficiaries A marketing strategy shows that you understand how to connect your learning programmes to a relevant market. It would indicate that an understanding of your training beneficiaries is embedded in your Quality Management System and individual  learning programmes. Sign up for the Accreditation Building Blocks seminar to understand how to…
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Business Systems Required for Accredited Training

Recommendations for establishing effective systems SYSTEM ROLE OBJECTIVES Finance Should explain how to establish the framework for expenditure and implement financial control mechanisms GAAP principles Budget detailing projected income and expenditure Human Resources Explain how staff is provided with  guidelines, support, procedures and details on all aspects that affect their employment Criteria used in staff selection…
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Quality Management Systems design for Education and Training

Policies, Procedures, and Processes for a Strategic QMS Designing your Quality Management System is a lot easier when you have clear directions and understand what Quality Councils must determine about you. Move from zero to hero in 3 hours. Register for a practical approach to QMS development and delivery. If you can't make any seminars held in…
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Assessment Management and Accreditation

Assessment is a quality indicator and as such, should be a detailed component of your Quality Management System. The following content was covered during the Accreditation workshop on Programme Management, Learner Management and Assesment Management. Assessment and Moderation Policies and Procedures Quality Assurance Councils want to see policies and procedures for forms of assessments and…
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How Learning Programmes are developed, delivered and evaluated for Accreditation

Your Quality Management System for Training Delivery must include policies and procedures for the development, design and delivery of learning interventions. Quality Assurance Regulatory bodies that accredit training organisations, require evidence to prove that quality processes are followed. Read about the legislated 8-core criteria for accreditation Articles to deepen your understanding of accreditation  Systems for Education Quality Management…
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Core Criteria for Accreditation

8-Core Criteria The core criteria were defined in the ETQA Regulations (R 1127 of 8 September 1988) and also in the Quality Management Systems for ETQAs and Criteria and Guidelines for Providers. If you want to know how to meet the core criteria, attend the accreditation workshops where they are each unpacked. The table below…
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12 QMS Considerations for Training

A great Quality Management System (QMS) enshrines all that a business represents and delivers upon. A QMS ensures that three important requirements are met It provides detailed business systems: Internal and external operational requirements are stipulated Ensures the efficient utilization of human, physical, technological and information resources. 2. It provides training systems that include: development delivery…
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QCTO’s short AQP List and Market Tips

The list of Assessment Quality Partners should be reviewed when deciding upon qualifications for QCTO accreditation. If you select a qualification that does not yet have an allocated AQP - that qualification will not yet be ready to take to market as learners cannot be assessed for certification purposes. List of only 14 Accredited Assessment…
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Training Accreditation Seminars unpack Biz Development

Accreditation and Business Development Strategy Why get accredited if you don't know how to compete? Sign up to learn the relevance of, and business expansion opportunities that are attached to accreditation. When an organisation embarks on accreditation, the greatest value is the signal to the market that they deliver a reputable product aligned to industry…
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JHB SETA and QCTO Accreditation Workshops

Make Accreditation Strategic These workshops unpack criteria for full accreditation and raise awareness of strategic issues that training providers should bear in mind. Many make the mistake of hiring consultants to drive the accreditation process without learning and developing an understanding of what a training organisation is responsible for. This lack of understanding impacts on…
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