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Thanks Leonie Hall for the wonderful workshop that really assisted me with all the basics of accreditation with SETAs as service provider, Assessor, Facilitator and/or Moderator. I highly recommend this workshop to any person who is already or planning to be involved in this industry.

-Ernest Hlongwane


Assessment Management and Accreditation
Assessment is a quality indicator and as such, should be a detailed component of your ...
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How Learning Programmes are developed, delivered and evaluated for Accreditation
Your Quality Management System for Training Delivery must include policies and procedures for the development, ...
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Core Criteria for Accreditation
8-Core Criteria The core criteria were defined in the ETQA Regulations (R 1127 of 8 ...
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Training Accreditation Seminars unpack Biz Development
Accreditation and Business Development Strategy ...
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JHB SETA and QCTO Accreditation Workshops
Make Accreditation Strategic These workshops unpack criteria for full accreditation and raise awareness of strategic ...
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SETA, CHE and QCTO Accreditation Seminars
Accreditation Seminars The 10 accreditation seminars cover specific accreditation criteria and how to build a ...
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SETA, CHE and QCTO Accreditation Support
Training Accreditation Support for Business The fact that SETAs must change means that industry will ...
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Cape Town SETA and QCTO Accreditation Power Sessions
Five Workshop Dates 11 October: Holistic Building Blocks for SETA Accreditation 12 October: Quality Management ...
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Johannesburg SETA and QCTO Accreditation Workshops in Nov and Dec
The series of 5 workshops cover various topics and themes relevant to legislation and provider ...
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Durban SETA and QCTO Accreditation Workshops
Structuring Successful Accreditation Strategies Workshops cover legislated accreditation criteria for education and training organisations whilst ...
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Accreditation Seminars: Dates in JHB, CT and DBN
SETA, CHE and QCTO Accreditation Support ...
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Accreditation Building Blocks Seminar
The Strategic Approach to  SETA, CHE and QCTO accreditation Sign up for the Building Blocks workshop ...
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Health and Welfare SETA Accreditation Strategy
Outlining a strategy for HWSETA accreditation ...
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CATHSSETA Accreditation Strategy
CATHS SETA qualifications span Hospitality, Tourism and Travel, Gaming & Lotteries, Conservation, Sports, Recreation & ...
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Wholesale and Retail SETA Accreditation Strategy
Becoming accredited in the Wholesale and Retail sector ...
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Services SETA Accreditation Strategy
Becoming Services SETA accredited ...
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SETA Accreditation for Science, Engineering and Technical Fields
Becoming accredited with CHIETA, MERSETA or the MQA ...
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Strategy, Competition and QCTO Accreditation
Accreditation Power Sessions JHB - DBN - CT ...
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Don’t be alarmed by Quality Councils, Accreditation, Legislation and Markets
10 Accreditation Seminars for CHE, QCTO and SETA Strategy Organisations who wish to become fully ...
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