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Apply for Learnerships, Apprenticeships and Internships

People often ask: Is it worthwhile applying for Learnerships, Apprenticeships and Internships? Most times the answer is a definite yes.   The experience will allow you to develop important job skills such as negotiation and provide you with professional contacts in the industry of your choice. Learnerships, apprenticeships and internships are practical and cost-effective ways…
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303 Wholesale and Retail Qualifications and Accredited Training Providers

303 Wholesale and Retail Qualification Choices The WRSETA offers diverse career development opportunities for the WR Sector. Qualification titles are live links to training providers accredited to offer that qualification. When you click on the title you will be taken through to the listed training providers. You can click on their names to find contact details.…
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Wholesale and Retail Learnership Qualifications

Here's a list of WRSETA Qualifications that are available as learnerships. Remember that the registration end date indicates when the qualification will be updated or discarded. You can check the QCTO website for new versions of these qualifications as they become available. Read this advice if you want to do a learnership in this sector, then…
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Training Contacts for Correctional Services and the Public Sector

PSETA Accredited Training Providers The Public Service SETA (PSETA) coordinates skills development for those that are in the business of government, namely government departments like DIRCO, Home Affairs, parliament, provincial legislatures, public entities and  parastatals. Correctional Services is also included here. Read more about career opportunities in the public sector. This is a list of training providers in…
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CHIETA Learning Allocations for 2016

CHIETAs Learnerships, Apprenticeships, Skills Programs and Bursary Targets for 2016 This list of CHIETA learning program allocations includes the number of beneficiaries to be targeted (only 1498 nationally). They do however offer quite a range of fields of study. WANT TO BE A LEARNER? Use the contact details to request further information. Watch how you…
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CATHSSETA Training Priorities for 2016

JOB FIELDS PRIORITISED BY THE CATHSSETA IN 2016 Bursaries and training opportunities are available in gaming, culture, hospitality, arts, sports, tourism and heritage. Here's a list of the specific job fields being prioritised: Sports Administration/ Recreation Leisure Animal Attendant/ Groomer Assistant Chef Bookmaker's Clerk Business Administration Catering Production Manager Cinema or Theatre Manager Collection management…
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