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How to Find and Prepare for a Learnership

Many pursue learnerships to gain access to training and employment opportunities.  Learners are paid low stipends in exchange for their commitment and willingness to work while contracted to study. Sometimes it's fair, often it isn't. Looking for a Learnership? Excellent! It means you want to work as hard as hell and that you're willing to…
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Finding Learnerships

We know that learnerships are hard to find. Here are four useful links to follow if you're searching for a learnership: The Careers Portal promotes a number of learnership opportunities. You can subscribe for free and receive updates. It's a site worth checking out. Try this site advertising Learnerships in a range of sectors. Check out the Learnership…
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Applying for Learnerships

How to Apply for Learnerships When you respond to a recruitment advert make sure you have checked the closing date or you're wasting your time. Most recruiters receiving your applications are the uptight boring types who won't even open your email / read your fax etc. If it's past the due date. If you see that…
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POST GRADUATE SCHOLARSHI​PS / FELLOWSHIP IN POST-SCHOO​L EDUCATION AND TRAINING Dear FP&M SETA Stakeholders POST-GRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS & FELLOWSHIP IN POST-SCHOOL EDUCATION AND TRAINING The Centre for Researching Education and Labour (REAL) at the School of Education, University of Witwatersrand, has launched a new academic programme entitled Sectors, Skills and the Economic Evolution of South Africa…
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What a SETA does

Our economic sector is made up of different industries. Each SETA represents a particular group of industries. What does a SETA do? SETA stands for Sectoral Education and Training Authority. SETAs fund learnerships and apprenticeships for unemployed and employed people so speak to someone in their learnership or apprenticeship department and ask if they have any…
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Find a Learnership in 4 Steps

What is a Learnership, how do you find and apply for them? What is a Learnership? A learnership is a vocational training program, they are similar to apprenticeships in that they prepare you for specific job functions. Learnerships can be funded by a SETA (Sectoral Education and Training Authority) or business. Only accredited training providers registered with a SETA may…
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