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Scarce Skills within the Services Sector (SSETA)

Scarce skills lists tell you where job opportunities are. If you see a job that you like and it's a scarce skill - find training for it. SETAs usually provide funds to businesses and training organisations to develop these skills. Scarce Skills are Training Opportunities for Business and Learners Here's a list of scarce skills…
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Qualifications and Learnerships in the Service Sectors

Services SETA NQF Qualifications This is a list of qualifications extracted from the Services SETA website. Becoming SSETA Accredited If you wish to become accredited for any of the qualifications listed below you will do so with the SSETA. Follow this link to view an infographic explaining the SSETA accreditation process. Becoming a Learner on…
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Services SETA Training Priorities for 2016

Diverse learning opportunities offered by Services SETA The SSETA spans a wide variety of industries, jobs and qualifications. The following is a list of job fields that they focussed on in 2016. Adult Basic Education and Training Auctioneering Auctioneering Practices Beauty and Nail Technology ( Nail Services) Beauty Salon Management Beauty Therapy &Beauty Care Body…
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