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What’s in a Learnership Pay Slip?

Each time learners are paid, the Department of Labour requires that employers give them a pay slip containing certain details. Learners are welcome to register stipend complaints on Keep Climbing. The Basic Conditions of Employment Act applies in respect of any matter not covered by Sectoral Determination 5: Learnerships. Basic Guide to Learnership Pay Slips  Content of…
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List of Regulations in Sectoral Determination 5 : Learnerships

Learnerships are both a form of training and employment. Learnerships are  delivered and managed within the context of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act no 75 of 1997 and Section 18(4) of the Skills Development Act, No 97 of 1998. Sectoral Determination 5 : Learnerships establishes conditions of employment and rates of allowances for learners in South…
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Learnerships: Legal Work Hours, Overtime and Mealtime

Learners and training providers can be guided by legislation. This post covers what the legal working hours are as stipulated by the Department of Labour (DoL). The DoL posted Learnership legislation known as Sectoral Determination 5 : Learnerships This determination sets rules for Learnerships regarding: minimum wages (what's the lowest you can be paid) working hours…
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Learnership Regulations for Rest Periods, Sunday and Night Shift

The Department of Labour posted Learnership regulations known as Sectoral Determination 5 : Learnerships. This determination sets rules for these aspects of Learnerships: minimum wages working hours number of leave days termination rules Rest periods, Sunday, night work and public holidays Clauses 14 - 16 CLAUSE 14: DAILY AND WEEKLY REST PERIOD An employer must allow a…
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Learnership Disagreements

Numerous Learners refer to poor treatment by training providers and / or employers. It has become clear that many Learners feel disempowered, abused and exploited. A Learner is required to sign an employment contract for the duration of a Learnership. A Learner is thus considered an employee and is protected by the same legislation that protects…
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Learnership Regulations and Stipends – A barrier to the poor?

Here are current learnership stipend regulations. A stipend is income issued to unemployed candidates placed on internships, learnerships and apprenticeships. Candidates are typically not viewed as equal citizens but as NQF levels. These anti poor wages are not based on the realistic living conditions of the disadvantaged youth, usually referred to as 'beneficiaries.' Companies gain…
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