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CAT. How SAQA allows Learners to be credited for Maths and Languages

Credit Accumulation Transfer (CAT) CAT is the acronym for “Credit Accumulation Transfer”, and is based on a model developed by SAQA that is used to determine how CAT (Credit Award Transfer) can be implemented to recognise school / FET qualifications and sector qualifications. This ensures that learners don't repeat the exercise of learning something they already know.…
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RPL Policy, Evidence Analysis and Assessor Roles

The RPL Policy & Procedure Organisations must submit a Recognition of Prior Learning policy as part of their accreditation application. The following is an outline of what this policy should contain. Reference Points Education and training policies and procedures must reference existing legislation and policy documents provided by the DoL, SAQA, the DHET, QCTO and…
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How to Compile Evidence for Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning The RPL process is one which considers your knowledge and experience to gain a qualification. If you select a qualification that is closely related to your experience, you won't have to attend much if any training. You can skip the training that inexperienced people would normally complete and jump straight to…
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How to Prepare for Recognition of Prior Learning RPL

For those who are employed or experienced, this article describes the RPL Process as an option for qualifying. No Qualification? Graduating in the Workplace   The entry criteria for different qualifications vary. Some will require at least 2 years experience, others more. Training providers may add criteria in order to meet specific industry standards and…
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Get Qualified SA! Heard about RPL?

Have you worked in the same job for more than 2 years and don't have a qualification? Do you keep missing out on promotions because others are more qualified than you? Not many adults can afford to take a year or more off work to attend lectures. Besides, who wants to be a full time student alongside…
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How to Select a Qualification and Graduate in the Workplace

More options are available to those who want to qualify without attending full-time classes. Select a Qualification Go to SAQA.ORG.ZA and scroll down You've clicked 'Qualifications and Part Qualifications', scroll till you see the image below Now click 'Registered Qualifications' Choose Qualification or 'Unit Standard' depending on what you require. A unit standard or collection of…
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