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Proving INSETA Top Management Lies to the Public

INSETA refuses conforming to a norm and alert the DHET, Dol and public of false learnerships ...
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Sued by PSG Wealth And Proud of It

I am being sued for defamation (telling lies) but is it because I'm stubbornly refusing to ...
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INSETA Protects Firms Who Violate Regulations – PROOF RIGHT HERE

INSETA committed to investigate a complaint at PSG Wealth. The results are hidden, INSETA claims it ...
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Learnerships, Public Holidays, Emergency Work and Pay for Annual Leave

Public holidays, emergency work and annual leave are covered in clauses 17 - 20 of Sectoral ...
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Learnership Regulations for Sick Leave and Workplace Injury

How many days are Learners entitled to for illness or injury? ...
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List of Regulations in Sectoral Determination 5 : Learnerships

Learnerships are both a form of training and employment. Learnerships are  delivered and managed within the ...
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List of SA Unions Websites

Unions offer great support and networking opportunities for young labour market entrants. Shop stewards can alert ...
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Complaints about some employers making stipend deductions and others requiring learners to repay stipends have surfaced ...
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What Learners say about Learnership Stipends

Are Learnership Stipends Fair? Trapped Between Business and Black Tax. Learner complaints show how SETAs fail ...
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Contact List of Registered Unions in South Africa

If you have stipend or employer related issues, please contact the relevant union in your sector ...
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Learnership Contract of Employment and Termination

How to end Learnerships Legally Employers who accept unemployed candidates for Learnerships need to provide them ...
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Learnerships, Pregnancy and Family Responsibility

Learners are entitled to maternity leave ...
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Learnerships: Legal Work Hours, Overtime and Mealtime

Learners and training providers can be guided by legislation. This post covers what the legal working ...
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Learnership Regulations for Rest Periods, Sunday and Night Shift

The Department of Labour posted Learnership regulations known as Sectoral Determination 5 : Learnerships ...
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Qualifications, Fraud and Disputed Credits

Qualification Fraud In December 2014 the Minister of Higher Education and Training highlighted problems in education and training ...
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Learnership Stipends – what are current minimums?

Latest learnership stipend regulations. A stipend is an income issued to unemployed candidates placed on internships, ...
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