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Tips to find Practical Work Experience opportunities or Internships

Occupational qualifications include practical work placement components but many learners struggle to secure these opportunities without the help of their colleges. Unfortunately, most colleges have been inadequate in this regard. When gaining practical work experience is Your Responsibility, here’s what to do Contact companies that you may want to work for and let them know…
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How much are Interns Paid?

Internship Stipends This post reflects on the implications for interns and employers. For queries relating to industry payments, the Department of Labour and relevant SETAs should be referenced. What does DoL say? The Department of Labour brought in new laws to develop the skills of the citizens of our country: The Skills Development Act, 1998…
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Internship Cover Letter Sample

Finished school, university, college or any other type of training? Now's your time to look for opportunities. Unless you were a top student and appeared in media, or have a network of established contacts, no one's going to come looking for you!  But that's okay! Nothing stops you from finding and securing opportunities for yourself. Fortunately,…
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Links to Learnership, Internship and Job sites

 Be positive, be brave and be the best you can be. Each time you send an email to someone that you need to promote yourself to, remember that slogan. Please, don't send an application that has spelling and grammar mistakes. Show that you care about what people think of you by making an effort to…
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