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INSETA Protects Firms Who Violate Regulations – PROOF RIGHT HERE

INSETA committed to investigate a complaint at PSG Wealth. The results are hidden, INSETA claims it protects PSG Wealth, not the public. That's rubbish. Earlier this year INSETA committed to investigating a complaint about PSG Wealth. This complaint is hidden from us and the public is being denied the right to know what the findings…
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Write a ‘Thank you for the Learnership’ letter

Had a great experience on a learnership? Tell the organisers that they rock and increase your opportunities at being retained by the employer or being placed on another learnership by the training provider. If your experience is great, it's highly likely that someone else will decide to study because of your story. Sending organisers a…
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Learnership Contract of Employment and Termination

How to end Learnerships Legally Employers who accept unemployed candidates for Learnerships need to provide them with a contract of employment for the duration of the training programme. A learner is also entitled to receive a certificate of service from employers if the learnership is terminated. Extracted from the Department of Labour's Sectoral Determination 5:…
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Rules for Resigning and Registering for Learnerships

You Can't Register for More than one Learnership Each learnership is registered by the employer with SARS and with the SETA. The employer will receive tax rebates and BEE points. Learner details and results are entered into the National Learner Records Database each time they are assessed for a unit standard, skills programme or full qualification.…
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All SETA Learnership Priorities for 2016

A comprehensive list of SETA Learnerships prioritised for 2016 Use this information if you want a learnership or if you're a business looking for a market opportunity. SETAs have specific goals that must be achieved, these goals are based on industry employment and growth needs. The DHET has published priorities for 2016, their priorities are…
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Learnerships: Legal Work Hours, Overtime and Mealtime

Learners and training providers can be guided by legislation. This post covers what the legal working hours are as stipulated by the Department of Labour (DoL). The DoL posted Learnership legislation known as Sectoral Determination 5 : Learnerships This determination sets rules for Learnerships regarding: minimum wages (what's the lowest you can be paid) working hours…
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Learnership Regulations for Rest Periods, Sunday and Night Shift

The Department of Labour posted Learnership regulations known as Sectoral Determination 5 : Learnerships. This determination sets rules for these aspects of Learnerships: minimum wages working hours number of leave days termination rules Rest periods, Sunday, night work and public holidays Clauses 14 - 16 CLAUSE 14: DAILY AND WEEKLY REST PERIOD An employer must allow a…
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Learnership Disagreements

Numerous Learners refer to poor treatment by training providers and / or employers. It has become clear that many Learners feel disempowered, abused and exploited. A Learner is required to sign an employment contract for the duration of a Learnership. A Learner is thus considered an employee and is protected by the same legislation that protects…
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Do Learnerships and Apprenticeships Lead to Employment?

Learnerships and Apprenticeships have a lot to Offer There may still be a global recession going on and work opportunities may remain scarce for many people, but there are some who are finding success and increased opportunity as a result of training. Learnerships and apprenticeships do not appear to be slow boats to nowhere. Evidence…
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What is a Learnership?

Learnerships are occupationally directed training programs that result in a full SAQA registered qualification. Once learners have signed contracts, their learnerships are registered with SARS so the employer can claim rebates, reimbursements of stipends issued and BEE Points. Learners are also termed 'employees' and protected by labour legislation. Learners can register complaints with the CCMA…
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Handpick Employees to be Learnership Candidates

[caption id="attachment_1639" align="alignnone" width="275"] Consider individual contexts when selecting employees for Learning Paths.[/caption] Train your employees well enough to leave. Treat them well enough so they don't want to. Sir Richard Branson In some companies, potential learners are identified through a process of self-targeting – i.e. they make the choice to be on the training…
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Are Learnerships a quick fix for BEE points and easy Sales?

Are Learnerships the quick-fix cures for budget spend, rebates and BEE Points that some appear to be hoping for? Too often the flurry of activity begins with 'Here's a list of learners, please get the material ready. Needs to start next week!" How often are learnerships started without a pre assessment or establishing of prior learning…
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