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How to get a Learner stipend

  Here are four brilliant questions about stipends and their answers. 1. What do you need to study to get a stipend? That's a killer question requiring quite a few details: Apprenticeships and Learnerships These are occupational training programmes that combine work and learning. Apprenticeships Although the DHET (Department of Higher Education) is trying to…
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Learnership and Apprenticeship Candidates must contact Unions and Demand Representation

If you have stipend or employer related issues, please contact the relevant union in your sector. Registered South African Trade Unions Unions can do more to contribute to a free society. If you are on a learnership, apprenticeship or internship and are experiencing problems, check if there's a union rep at the organisation and approach them…
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How much are Interns Paid?

Internship Stipends This post reflects on the implications for interns and employers. For queries relating to industry payments, the Department of Labour and relevant SETAs should be referenced. What does DoL say? The Department of Labour brought in new laws to develop the skills of the citizens of our country: The Skills Development Act, 1998…
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Qualifications, Fraud and Disputed Credits

Qualification Fraud In December 2014 the Minister of Higher Education and Training highlighted problems in education and training. Some problems are ongoing and it's important that people who wish to participate in the system - be it as Beneficiary (eg. Learner) or Service Provider (eg. Training company) understands the challenges. What is the Minister's role? The NQF Act, No. 67…
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South African Pay and Learnership Stipend expectations

The perceptions of how much South Africans earn and how pay is negotiated can disappoint learners earning a stipend. This post tables minimum stipend levels and covers salary trends across trades and occupations such as teachers and plumbers. The Department of Labour establishes minimum pay scales for learners. Learnerships and apprenticeships are subsidised so that participants…
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How to Find and Prepare for a Learnership

Looking for a Learnership? Excellent! It means you want to work as hard as hell and that you're willing to make sacrifices. You wont be going out as much 'co's you'll be too tired, you won't be making loads of money because you're there to learn and get connected. Oh and might also run…
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Learnership Stipends – what’s legal?

Learnership Stipends are not the same as Salaries Learnership stipends are paid to those who were unemployed before being placed on a learnership. If you were already employed and then placed on a learnership you are not entitled to a stipend on top of your salary. Learners being paid a stipend almost never receive the…
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