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Youth, Vulnerability and their Power Vote

Half South Africa's population is under 26 Youth can change political will and shift interests in their favour.  South Africans are no strangers to rising unemployment and bad pay challenges. If youth fail to use their political voice they will continue having inadequate protections within the system. Youth Grievances - Where do they go? Mostly…
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No Study No Job? Nothing?! find something

You don't need to give up on yourself! Even if you have little or no budget for internet, transport and appearance, there's still stuff you can do to improve your ability to find employment. Take a breathe and don't feel desperate.  Turn the pressure to quickly do something about the situation into positive energy. EVEN…
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Looking for Learnerships? Use this!

Do you know not all learnership adverts are legal or real? Do you know applicants have the right to take legal action against unfair or prejudicial treatment during recruitment? Welcome to 'LEARNERSHIP YOUTH' this is our book on one page. Scroll around, links to important advice and contacts are available on this page. LEARNERSHIP YOUTH There are…
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Is the ‘S’ for slavery PSG Wealth?

PSG claims they'll sue me. Here are extracts from PSG Wealth documents showing they trap youth in an indentured labour model.  PSG Wealth made an unlawful financial claim on a learnership candidate. Learnerships were designed to improve pro-poor occupational interventions and market led skills development (scarce skills). PSG Learnership Interpretation The victim was billed for…
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INSETA Slave Trade?

INSETA claimed to investigate a complaint at PSG Wealth that included making unlawful financial demands on unemployed youth recruited for learnerships. The findings are hidden, INSETA claims it protects PSG Wealth, not the public. That's rubbish. In February 2017 INSETA committed to investigating a complaint about PSG Wealth. INSETA confirmed the contract was unlawful yet…
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List of Funders for Youth Entrepreneurship

Youth disillusioned by job hunting or unsuccessful at finding further education and training should consider their other alternatives. Find Your Freedom The Youth Entrepreneurship Programme In 2000 government announced the establishment of the Umsobomvu Youth Fund, out of the proceeds of the demutualisation of Old Mutual and Sanlam.  The fund started operating in 2001, with…
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Are Truworths Job Ads Legal?

When asked about unfair practice, Truworths argues if others do it they can do it too. Many of their recruitment adverts target unemployed youth and new market entrants (first-time job seekers) using unfair recruitment strategies. Adverts are not upfront about pay, preventing these vulnerable applicants from making informed decisions regarding which opportunities they can afford…
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SETA Learnership Trends in 2016

A comprehensive list of SETA Learnerships prioritised for 2016 Use this information if you want a learnership or if you're a business looking for a market opportunity. SETAs have specific goals that must be achieved, these goals are based on industry employment and growth needs. The DHET has published priorities for 2016, their priorities are…
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SETA Skills Program Trends 2016

 Skills Programs Prioritized by SETAs Only 9 SETAs have been allocated skills programs for 2016 by the DHET. This seems conservative against the backdrop of skills shortages and unemployment. Below is the list of SETAs and the number of learners they wish to capacitate via skills programs: SETA NO OF LEARNERS W&RSETA 8324 ETDPSETA 4800…
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