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SAQA Registered QCTO Qualifications for Culture and Arts

Field 002 - Culture and Arts Culture and Arts currently only includes registered qualifications for the following sub-fields: Design Studies Music Performing Arts Sport Visual Arts 50 Qualifications for Creatives Here's the list of 50 Culture and Arts qualifications currently registered by the QCTO on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF): Learning Subfield Qual / Prog…
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Arts, Tourism, Sports, Hospitality and Gaming Qualifications

The following 94 CATHSSETA Qualifications are registered on SAQA Click qualification links for information on SAQA and to identify accredited training providers SAQA information is not up to date so also search for training providers by googling the qualification ID. Qual / Prog ID Qualification Title / Learning Programme Title NQF Level Learning Subfield Field…
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Scarce skills within Culture and Arts, Tourism, Hospitality and Sports

Scarce skills lists tell you where job opportunities are. If you see a job that you like and it's a scarce skill - find training for it. SETAs usually provide funds to businesses and training organisations to develop these skills. Scarce Skills are Training Opportunities for Business and Learners This is a list of scarce…
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Creative, Cultural and Conservation Careers

CATHSSETA Qualifications and Training Providers If you are interested in a career in Hospitality, Tourism and Travel, Gaming & Lotteries, Conservation, Sports, Recreation & Fitness or Arts, Culture & Heritage you must contact CATHSSETA for career advice. Learnerships CATHSSETA offers a number of learnerships ranging from NQF level 2 to 5.These Learnership are aimed at addressing…
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Art, Sport, Tourism and Gaming Careers : CATHSSETA

 Careers in Hospitality, Tourism and Travel, Gaming & Lotteries, Conservation, Sports, Recreation & Fitness, Arts, Culture & Heritage are covered by CATHSSETA. If you are interested in these careers, you must contact CATHSSETA for career advice.  Hospitality Careers The hospitality industry is made up of a broad category of fields within the service industry. These…
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