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CHIETA Qualifications for Chemical Industry Careers

If you want to be a Learner Google the SAQA NLRD ID Click on a link or the SAQA Qualification Scroll down to the bottom of the qualification to see who the accredited providers are. Note: SAQA and the SETAs are collectively slow and unenthusiastic about updating this information. If there are no service providers…
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Popular Trades in the Chemical Industries

Massive Manufacturing Industries The Chemical Industries is one of the largest manufacturing industries in all developed and emerging countries. It's responsible for a massive variety of products and offers diverse career opportunities. This sector is desperate for smart workers as innovation is key to finding new ways for the industry to satisfy an increasingly sophisticated, demanding…
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My Purpose: From Chemical Engineering to Maths Champion

Neshni Naidoo, a chemical engineering graduate and the director of the South African Vedic Maths Forum, illustrates how numbers and compassion can go hand in hand. Vedic Maths is the world's fastest mental Maths System. With this system, a student can, for example, multiply numbers like 98 x 97 in less than five seconds. We offer online…
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