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45 Technical In-Demand-Jobs to prepare for

These technical occupations could guarantee jobs once you've qualified. This list includes bookkeeping, fire investigator, draughtsperson, air traffic controller, ship's officer and dental assistants. FIND YOUR CAREER IN A FIELD WHERE THERE'S A GROWING DEMAND AND GET A JOB ONCE QUALIFIED! OFO Code Occupations TECHNICIANS AND ASSOCIATE PROFESSIONALS 311101 1.      Chemistry Technician 311102 2.      Physical…
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32 Leadership Jobs Growing in Demand

Do you want to invest in your leadership skills and prepare for a future management role? Here's a list of jobs the Department of Higher education and Training is promoting to youth. Believe. See yourself as a future leader and prepare for it from the beginning. Analyse this list. We can't all be doctors but…
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Financial and Accounting Scarce Skills, Qualifications and Training Providers

FASSET Training and Career Development Opportunities Looking for a  career in finance and accounting? Study for a job that's listed as a scarce skill. This will increase your chances of finding a job once you are qualified. Scarce Skills The top 10 scarce skills for 2015 / 2016 included Trainee accountant / auditor / article clerk…
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167 Scarce Skills in the Mining Sector

Scarce skills identified by the Mining Qualifications Authority If Science, maths and technical stuff interests you, whether it's for your own career development or if it's skills you wish to share with students - understanding what the scarce skills are in the job market is an advantage. Knowledge of scarce skills helps you to identify…
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