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How to look for the most promising job opportunities

Here's what to do if you're looking for work or planning your next career move. Responding to adverts isn't enough to find the work you really want. Job markets are fiercely competitive and exploitative so it's important you have a game strategy. Research Research Research The only way you will succeed is to be informed…
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Your Pay Slip or No Job!

South Africans are challenging the Department of Justice to take action against rampant recruitment exploitation. Recruiting firms abuse their positions of power to exploit vulnerable applicants and persuade them to accept unfair unequal offers.  Recruitment firms appear unable to offer an intellectual response to 'What's fair about asking for pay slips?' Recruiters claim job seekers…
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Apply for Fantastic 2018-2019 DHET Internships Killer Opportunities for #FeesMustFall Activists

The Department of Higher Education and Training is offering an amazing selection of internships to kick start a career for those who want to change and impact the education sector. If you believe in accessible and ethically driven education and training, apply! The DHET is responsible for ensuring citizens have access to post Matric education…
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193 Professional Top Jobs to prepare for

Occupations in high demand reflect a massive range of career options for youth. This post lists professional jobs offering excellent opportunities for qualified candidates. Study for these fields! Professional Jobs listed as ‘Occupations in High Demand’ The term refers to job areas (occupations) that are growing quickly or job posts that are becoming more and more…
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What to study? Hot Jobs for Future Plant and Machine Operators and Assemblers

The DHET advises youth to study for fields that offer the most job opportunities. If you're a technical person, go for one of these jobs. It's also easier to access funding for fields that already have shortages. This list includes train and tanker drivers, Clothing, Textile and Leather Goods Production Operators, explosives and much more!…
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What to study? 35 Hot Jobs for Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery, Craft and Trades

Do you die just thinking about office jobs and sharks in suits? Then check out this list of alternative options. These are occupations in high demand. Be qualified for one or more can increase your job opportunities. Avionics Mechanician, Rigger, Boiler makers, Electricians all crack the nod for the future. If you're a practical-hands-on-let's-get-dirty type…
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What to study? 17 Hot Jobs For Future Clerical, Service and Sales Workers

The DHET provides a list  of occupations in high demand and advises school leavers to pursue these. Check out this list of jobs ranging from accounts clerk, community care worker to fire fighters. Clerical Service and Sales Jobs are  ‘Occupations in High Demand’ The term refers to job fields (occupations) that are growing quickly or job…
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Looking for Jobs Learnerships Apprenticeships or Internships?

How You Can Tell When You Must Be Cheaper Than Other Applicants When you apply you're competing against thousands of others desperate for an opportunity. It is expected that you compete by being willing to work for lower offers than other applicants. You don't have to be better than anyone else, only cheaper. If the…
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What to study? 45 Technical In-Demand-Jobs Youth Can Prepare For

These technical occupations could guarantee jobs once you've qualified. This list includes bookkeeping, fire investigator, draughtsperson, air traffic controller, ship's officer and dental assistants. FIND YOUR CAREER IN A FIELD WHERE THERE'S A GROWING DEMAND AND GET A JOB ONCE QUALIFIED! OFO Code Occupations TECHNICIANS AND ASSOCIATE PROFESSIONALS 311101 1.      Chemistry Technician 311102 2.      Physical…
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What to study? 32 Leadership Roles Youth Can Prepare For

Do you want to invest in your leadership skills and prepare for a future management role? Here's a list of jobs the Department of Higher education and Training is promoting to youth. Believe. See yourself as a future leader and prepare for it from the beginning. Analyse this list. We can't all be doctors but…
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Top 350 South African Jobs in High Demand

The DHET advises youth to study for fields that offer the most job opportunities. If you're unsure what to study, go for one of these as it would also be easier to access funding. Type in jobs that interest you and see if they appear on this list. This list was extracted from the Department…
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Pay Slip Problems

Ordinary South Africans have inadequate labour protections and enjoy fewer economic rights than those with financial privilege. Anti poor recruitment behaviors include the omission of pay information in job adverts and the popular payslip requests from recruiters.  Prejudiced recruitment practices strip job seekers of their right to fair treatment and create a culture of sustained…
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