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Negotiating A Salary? #TalkPay

Are you nervous about negotiating your pay? Taking a look at salary trends is a great way to prepare for this discussion. Here's what pay looked like in South Africa during 2017. Knowledge is muscle. Going to an interview without knowing the salary range on offer or current pay trends for the position you're applying…
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What’s in a Learnership Pay Slip?

Each time learners are paid, the Department of Labour requires that employers give them a pay slip containing certain details. Learners are welcome to register stipend complaints on Keep Climbing. The Basic Conditions of Employment Act applies in respect of any matter not covered by Sectoral Determination 5: Learnerships. Basic Guide to Learnership Pay Slips  Content of…
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Public TVET College Principals and Contacts

Use this list to contact TVET Colleges and see who their principals are.  Access student support services for advice about study opportunities.✌? There are 50 registered and accredited public TVET Colleges in South Africa operating across more than 264 campuses. These spread across  rural and urban areas. Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges Student…
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No Study No Job? Nothing?! find something

You don't need to give up on yourself! Even if you have little or no budget for internet, transport and appearance, there's still stuff you can do to improve your ability to find employment. Take a breathe and don't feel desperate.  Turn the pressure to quickly do something about the situation into positive energy. EVEN…
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Differences between Learnerships and Internships

Learnerships and Internships are totally different! This list makes the differences easy to understand and remember! LEARN IT OR WORK IT Learn it A learner still has stuff to learn about operating as a professional in a field or specific job sector. Work it Interns have opportunity to prove what they know and gain practical…
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Are you Job Captured? #HumanRights #workingpoor

Low wage jobs pay too little to save and only just enough to survive. Caught in a trap, workers are too broke to quit. Combined with low self esteem, they subject themselves to bad employment conditions thereby entrenching poverty and limited options. If your job takes all your time and pays too little for you…
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HOT LIST SETA Contacts for Learnerships Internships and Apprenticeships

The killer list of SETA contacts you can ask about apprenticeships, bursaries, skills programmes, WIL, learnerships and internships. Each year SETAs commit to funding specific programmes to boost skills in various economic sectors SETAs provide opportunities for the unemployed, youth and poor. These opportunities are directly linked to industry needs. Look for scarce skills in order to…
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Let’s check your Learnership Contract

Need a friend to check your contract and advise you? Or want to donate documents to a confidential study of contract clauses and their impacts? All information is regarded as confidential and used for positive purposes. RESIST EXPLOITATION SUBMIT DOCUMENTATION If you have a concern about your contract and require advice, we will happily tap…
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