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What is unfair recruitment?

This infographic describes the unfair advantages employers and recruiters use when trying to find and secure new employees. Most applicants have a gut instinct for fairness but believe they have no right to question the treatment they receive. The good news is applicants do have recourse, the Constitution says everyone is entitled to fair labour…
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What Are Training Provider Responsibilities for POE Assessment?

Learners and employers can prepare and plan for a successful assessment. Training providers must provide easy to read assessment policies and procedures for all stakeholders. Outcomes Based Assessment for Occupational (job) Training To achieve a good assessment, you must understand the specific qualification goals and how to meet them. It's really not as difficult as…
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Are unfair job interviews why more than half South Africans earn R4 200 p/mth?

Interviewers are biased towards the company they recruit for, they want 'bang for buck.' Exploitative companies search for the most talented individuals willing to accept low rates. The working poor and income inequality are rising. Although job applicants are exploited regardless of colour, age or qualification, woman and black people remain worse off. INTERVIEW POLITICS…
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Youth, Vulnerability and their Power Vote

Half South Africa's population is under 26 Youth can change political will and shift interests in their favour.  South Africans are no strangers to rising unemployment and bad pay challenges. If youth fail to use their political voice they will continue having inadequate protections within the system. Youth Grievances - Where do they go? Mostly…
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What can I do if my pay is unfairly low?

Youth don't respect the outdated standard of keeping your salary top secret when secrets protect inequality.  Unions fail to ensure recruitment processes are fair for job applicants, particularly youth,  thereby allowing them to be manipulated into accepting low wages. What can you do when you realised you accepted an unfair offer? Reflect. What did I…
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“What are your pay expectations?” Interview Advice

Negotiating pay is all about preparation. Applicants who accept an offer and then decline after deciding it's too low, damage their future chances with the recruiting company. Recruiter: What are your pay expectations? Applicant: I'm looking for an opportunity at R10k. Recruiter: That's a bit high! Applicant: Based on my research, I saw that 10k …
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Is Non Disclosure of Pay in Job Ads Equally Fair to Employers and Applicants? #HRMustFall

Most job adverts fail to disclose pay as it places applicants at a disadvantage during negotiations. Recruiters claim applicants can ask pay details at any time, but when applicants are required to ASK for this information, it labels them as problematic. When job adverts don't disclose pay information, opportunity is created for unfair wage negotiations.  …
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