The Life Lessons Campaign
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Many are excluded from information we take for granted.

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Everyday stories about decisions and life lessons. Why not gift one?

We learn from each other; often connecting purposefully, casually and accidentally.

Schools teach curriculum but as a society we teach life!



Life, Reality and Curve Balls

How youth struggle
School, Job, Career: To Choose or Not to Choose? Tenele's story is so rich in detail, it's told in two parts.
Read a learner's struggle

Therese Umuhoza


Overcoming an Ideology of Hatred

How I reach my goals.
Rwanda survivor Therese submitted a story that will move you.
Share this story of inner strength

Neshni Naidoo


Numbers and compassion can go hand in hand

Careers, Choices and Complications
Neshni, a chemical engineering graduate and director of the South African Vedic Maths Forum, shares her story.
Learn from a professional journey to meaning
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