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The KC Mission

Making post school education and training opportunities accessible to communities and industry.

KC Values

Taking a pro-poor approach to information sharing, Keep Climbing provides accessible information and promotes transparency.

The KC Promise

To produce and circulate content that establishes effective and growing learning patterns in communities and industries.

About Keep Climbing

Learning Opportunities By Business

Government attaches BEE points and tax incentives to training in order to motivate the private sector to create as many learning and development opportunities as possible in order to generate jobs and boost productivity.

Never before have there been this many study opportunities open to our population, yet barriers to access and success still prove challenging.

Hunt and Gather

There are no short cuts to your own sweat. No one will help you as much as what you can help yourself.

Keep Climbing tries to simplify the process of finding accredited training opportunities for industry and the unemployed.

See posts listing training contacts or qualifications to understand how to find and contact opportunity.

Knowledge is the honey you create when you dip into what you never knew yesterday.








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