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Information about education, pay and careers to set you free.

Before applying for a job, call, use a fake name and ask about pay. Companies not upfront in adverts cannot be trusted.

Answering ‘why you want this opportunity in 50 words’ explains your purpose

Companies want to identify those with the most potential, quickly.  An ability to stand out from the crowd is essential.  Here are ideas to get you started!

Can you nail your purpose in 50 words?

A great cover letter that’s meaningful and relevant to the opportunity you’re applying for will help you make a good impression. You don’t have to write much, you just need to clearly communicate your points.

This means you:

  • carefully plan and check your letter. You don’t slap it together.

WARNING: Many adverts exclude pay information to give recruiters a negotiation advantage allowing them to see who will accept low offers.


When you see an ad that discloses pay information, make an effort to apply even if you think the pay is low. Organisations open about what they offer are more likely to treat you fairly when you work for them.

Explaining why

Use each job or learnership application etc. as one you to compete HARD for.

Your Intro

Your first two sentences must be interesting and catch the reader’s attention immediately. Try these:

  1. You can demonstrate vision:
    • I’ve always wanted to be a nurse, since the first time I saw my neighbour in her white uniform, I just knew! If I can do this qualification it will help me get a job at our local clinic.
  2. You can be transparent:
    • I want to do this qualification because I don’t know anything about business but I’ve watched business shows on tv and love the way people plan and interact. I like the way people seem focussed on goals and being a team. I really want to learn.
  3. You can show passion:
    • I’ve been baking and taking care of people since I was first allowed to use a stove. I won a baking competition at school and baked biscuits to earn money, I even have my own unique recipes with secret ingredients! If you want people who can prove their love for this then I’m your girl!

Ideas for 50 word phrases

  1. Being on this program will provide me with work experience that I can add to my CV,  increasing my job opportunities in the future…
  2. Although I am interested in the insert name (eg. tourism, health and welfare, business administration etc.) sector, I currently lack the skills to be employed there but am determined to become employable and succeed at my dream job…
  3. I want to be employed in this sector because I am good at list skills relevant to the job / industry. Examples: dealing with people, working under pressure, hard physical work, dealing with different cultures, planning events, working in an office, solving maths problems etc…
  4. Make yourself sound human, smart and determined: I grew up with my grandmother who taught me that….; When I helped my teacher with…, it taught me how to…., I excelled at soccer because it gave me an opportunity to become a leader and understand that…

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