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SPONSOR: Protect business and children’s futures

Recruiters demanding #payslips illegally spy on rival employers when competing for talent. They use #payslips to poach employees and price-fix pay. These actions don’t conform to S23.1 of the Constitution nor the Competition Act. We’re stopping it!

Please sponsor the #payslip protest in South Africa

When companies spy on each other during a competition for talent, they immorally divide the economy into ethical and unethical operators making it more difficult for fair and legitimate recruitment practice to flourish.

This protest is for our children’s futures and to protect ethical business from lawless competitors.

Public Protector Investigation

South African laws support this argument, but the lack of specific regulations means organisations don’t have to fear consequences for behaving unlawfully. Regulations will take years, however, once the Public Protector investigation is completed and concurs with the research I’ve done over 18 months, organisations and the public will find it easier to sue those who breach the law.

#Payslip information sabotages job applicant rights to a free, fair wage negotiation. Job seekers in South Africa are entitled to pursue the best possible economic opportunity and not have their wages unfairly price-fixed by lawless employers. Our children must be free, not indentured slave labour.

Please sponsor or volunteer your skills and resources, this protest needs hundreds of hands and voices across the country!

Strategic campaign management and financial support is vital, please be generous or as kind as you can!  ❤

Thank you for your support and kindness!

Sponsorships are made to Leonie Hall:

  • Capitec Bank Account: 1262845740
  • Branch Code: 470010
  • Please state ‘sponsorship’ as reason for payment.

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