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Please Donate to a Justice Warrior Fighting Against Labour Exploitation

Sustaining the advocacy for legal recruitment practice comes at great personal cost. If you are able to, please consider making a donation, every little bit helps to sustain this struggle for justice and defending public rights.

Please Support

It doesn’t matter if it’s a fiver or a clip. Every bit helps.

Donations are made to Leonie Hall:

Capitec Bank Account: 1262845740

Branch Code: 470010

Please state ‘donation’ as reason for payment.

Who has funded Keep Climbing activism till now?

This site has previously been fully self-funded through Leonie’s work as a consultant. However the increased need to meet, mail and lobby organisations and government means she has less time to work and earn a living. This past year has seen a massive decline in income and an increase in activism and pro bono work.

To secure an income, Leonie tried applying for jobs at organisations she believed would be sensitive to her protest. Unfortunately she is ignored or expelled when recruiters are unsuccessful in bullying her into providing unlawful information in contravention of the Constitution and Competition Act.

What will donations achieve?

Leonie currently has cases against recruitment practices lodged with the Public Protector’s office and the Competition Commission. Driving these cases and pressuring these entities to act is difficult, time consuming and costly for an individual who is unemployed and not earning an income.

Fortunately the Public Protector has acted swiftly, but the Competition Commission took almost a year to persuade into action.

Donations allow Leonie to :

  • focus on responding to victims of exploitation, to provide support and comfort
  • investigate and take action where required (this includes lobbying and exposing issues via social media)
  • to report back to the public on issues
  • to keep the public informed of achievements – Keep Climbing hasn’t done much bragging, but several cases of exploitation have been exposed and prevented from causing further harm.
  • write content to support vulnerable members of our society
  • protest against unjustice

Leonie Hall is a development economist, social activist and seasoned leader with over 25 years of operation and project management experience in the education, social change and youth development sectors.  A former high school teacher, SETA accredited training provider and HRD specialist with a proven track record of working with government agencies, civil society organisations, communities and grassroots movements.


Hey Leonie, I’ll help you keep fighting!

You can be anonymous and make a donation or you can let us know who you are and we’ll send you some love!


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