Not all Learnerships are good

Youth are easy to exploit
Stand up for yourself

Looking for Learnerships? Use this!

Do you know not all learnership adverts are legal or real? Do you know applicants have the right to take legal action against unfair or prejudicial treatment during recruitment?

Welcome to ‘LEARNERSHIP YOUTH’ this is our book on one page.

Scroll around, links to important advice and contacts are available on this page.


There are 50 links to important information covering these key areas:

  • Who’s in charge of learnerships
  • Why SA has Learnerships
  • Who offers learnerships
  • Learnership regulations
  • Learnership stipends
  • Finding and preparing for learnerships
  • How to apply and write awesome learnership cover letters
  • How to prepare for and totally rock at your learnership interview
  • Register complaints about a learnership



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