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Learnerships are regulated training interventions. Not just anyone can offer them. Learnerships define job training programmes where:

  • candidates participate for free
  • unemployed candidates are employed during the programme
  • unemployed candidates receive payments (stipends). The Department of Labour sets minimum rates to protect learners. Many companies pay more than the unfair minimums. The minimum amounts are equal to slave labour and remain unfair to candidates well-being.   
  • training is delivered by a SETA accredited training provider 
  • training is aligned to a recognised SAQA qualification resulting in a certificate of competency

Learnerships are Monitored by SETAs

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Questions about your career qualification options?

Government and SETAs Offer Career Counselling

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  1. Dear sir/Madam

    i here by show my interest in the keepclimbingthenqf leanership and would like to be considered for the leanership,i’m always available should you like me to complite anything.
    your faith fully
    Trinity Nkuna

  2. I’m finished school 2017 with diploma , i’m looking for learnership around durban

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