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Learnership, Internship and Apprenticeship Complaints

Are you a learner or intern experiencing problems with your employer or training provider? Many youth complain about bad contracts and unfair payments, share your issues here.

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Please note that complaints are addressed via email. Allow for a 3 day response time. When we respond we will require that you email your documents to us. Please use the 3 days to ensure that you have collected your contracts and other relevant documentation to prove your case. We want to help, but can only do so once all information is received.

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Please collect documents to prove your situation. Once we have been through your complaint we will contact you and request that you send us the documents.



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  1. I m in learnship war on leaks the programme it’s for 3yrz nd we sign to get stipend on 24 every month but now we get it after that they send sms on pay day that say we won’t get money. Other thing is the promise us good thing abt the program but now they don’t care about us

  2. I was doing learnership at labour witbank, we started on may 2017 now they saying it ends . End of March 2018 n we Neva have experience . Actually we dnt have skills. They didn’t pay us end if March.we dnt have contracs

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Learnership, Internship and Apprenticeship Complaints

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