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Apply for Banking Learnerships

Want a career in banking and micro-finance? Two banking learnerships are available, Banking Service Advisor if you have matric and Management Development for tertiary graduates. Closing date for applications is 31 August 2017

Two Great Opportunities – Prepare Carefully

These ads provide clear instructions to candidates about what they must do to impress recruiters.

Note ‘present a professional image,’ how you look can count against you before you’ve said a word. Conform to this requirement so that you can focus on selling your skills, personality and knowledge during the interview.

Apply For Management Development If  You’ve Completed a Three Year Qualification

Apply for a Banking Service Advice Learnership If You Have Matric

Advice to applicants:

An industry norm is to place Matrics on an NQFL4 learnership, not an NQF L5.

This doesn’t mean it’s wrong, I’m suggesting the standard is going to be high. You will be studying on the same level as a first year university student. If you can’t get your game on you’ll be wasting everyone’s time.

There are seldom NQF L5 learnerships for Matrics available. To grab this one, you better be sharp from the get-go. They are looking for the best possible candidates, you can hustle, but it needs to be your best hustle.

Write a concise cover letter, use it to market yourself and say why you’d be an asset to the programme and what your career goals are.

Scroll down for links to cover letter templates and more advice.

Go to to apply

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