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Put Pay Info in Job Ads Now!

Being unemployed in today’s economic climate places applicants at a disadvantage and limits their negotiating power. Companies exploit this further by making it difficult for applicants to find payment information. Recruiters purposefully withhold salary information till the interview in order to use you to prove that they conducted a range of valid interviews and claim payments.

Many applicants accept this lack of power because they assume that’s just the way it is. But that’s just what business wants you to believe.

Let’s stand against exploitation no matter where you are.

Today is the day you can be every recruiter’s worst nightmare


Companies block me from their Face Book pages, preventing me from informing and warning potential victims against attending interviews without knowing what the salary is for the position they wish to apply for.

Companies remove my comments and fail to respond even though I’m asking them relevant questions.

As an agitator, I won’t accept this without a fight. Could you help?

Please share and use the images. For more on why withholding information is an abusive practice, please scroll down and click the links below.

More on recruitment exploitation at these links

No Salary Advertised? Call first

Explains why withholding information is abusive. Please read and be informed!

How the public feels about non-disclosure of salaries in adverts

Comments from Face Book and LinkedIn friends.



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