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TVET’s Late Results and Bursaries to Study in Russia

After reading a comment indicating how the lack of FET college results was limiting a student’s ability to make career decisions and plan her actions, I took a look at the DHET website for clarification and stumbled across an invitation to study in Russia.

Do you Trust Your FET College?

Government has increased the FET budget allocations yet we’re still seeing poor resource management and planning. Learners who paid their fees should explore their rights with the consumer council. If you paid fees and feel unhappy about the quality of service you have received – argue your grievances as a consumer and fight for the right to recoup money.

Thought about applying for a study bursary in Russia?

Seriously, there’s a Russian Government Scholarship for SA Students. The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) – in partnership with the Russian Government – is inviting scholarship applications for South African students to study at Russian institutions for the 2017/18 academic year.

Most scholarship programmes are instructed in the Russian language and applicants with no command of Russian are required to take the college preparatory courses for one year before pursuing major studies. Only after passing the examinations of the college preparatory course can they start their degree studies. The scholarship may be awarded for undergraduate (Bachelors) or postgraduate (Masters or PhD) studies. However, preference will be given to postgraduate applications.

Tempted? Learning a new language is brilliant for developing your brain, here’s your first quick lesson!

The most common way to greet anyone in Russian is Здравствуйте (zdrastvuite).

It is safe to use in all occasions and addressing all people. The origin of this greeting goes back to the verb ‘to be healthy and well’. So, by saying Здравствуйте! (zdrastvuite) to people you do not just greet them but also wish them to be healthy and well.

DHET Media Release About Late Results and Slow Certification Processes

DHET published a media statement saying that progress has been made.

Let’s hope their resolution includes an organisational change intervention to improve their understanding of service excellence – delaying academic results is criminally sloppy service.

The DHET can firmly establish a goal of achieving an organisational culture where learners are treated as primary consumers as opposed to simplistic beneficiaries. Learners spend money and make sacrifices for their education. Ensuring that they receive the most effective and efficient service should be the DHET’s top priority.

What to do?

Student Councils should demand to see college’s contingency plans to manage challenges timeously and proactively.

09 March 2017

Major progress made in the release of TVET Colleges outstanding examination results and certificates.

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has made major strides in clearing the bulk of the outstanding Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges examination results and certificates backlog.

More than two million subject results for the November 2016 examinations have so far been processed and released. The final outstanding and pending results were officially released to TVET colleges by last Saturday, 4 March 2017.
This means that all outstanding November 2016 results have now been released.

In addition, a further 450 subject results that were suspended due to suspicions of acts of dishonesty have also been cleared following thorough investigations. These results will be processed and released within a week.  A further 236 adverse cases are still pending further investigations due to alleged irregularities.

The Department continues to work closely with principals of TVET colleges to ensure that inherent data capturing challenges which contributed to many of the delays in the past in the processing of results are immediately resolved and so that they do not impact on future result cycles. TVET College principals will also in future be required to validate all preliminary examination data prior to submission for resulting purposes.

The Department acknowledges the key role played by both the State Information Technology Agency (SITA) and the quality assurer, Umalusi, in ensuring the speedy finalisation of the results for the November 2016 examinations.

In addition, a total of 2 180 of the 33 297 outstanding National Certificate (Vocational) (NCV) certificates, dating as far back as the November 2007 . This represents significant progress that has been made considering that the number of outstanding NVC certificates, now at 29 583, have decreased from a staggering 236 821 in August 2015.

The bulk of the outstanding certificates (29 583) is due to data problems emanating from TVET colleges, such as data capturing errors and authentication of identity numbers and other personal information.

TVET college principals have since been engaged in a process to validate and confirm all preliminary examinations data from the examination centres, in order to facilitate the rapid release of certificates in the four examination cycles from November 2014 to supplementary 2016 – prior to the November 2016 cycle.

All processes are on track to ensure the release of all NCV and NATED Report 190/1 certificates for the November 2016 examinations by 31 March 2017 in accordance with national policy that prescribes for the issuing of certificates within three months of the publication of results.
The Department is also busy with another parallel clean-up process for outstanding results on the NATED Report 190/1 examinations system prior to the November 2016 examinations and it is expected that any outstanding NATED certificates will all be released by 30 June 2017.

The Department has also released a final schedule of results for the November 2016 examinations, as well as the cleared certificates to individual TVET colleges. All students are advised to request their results and certificates directly from their respective colleges.

The Department is appealing for patience as certificates are released in batches, as and when they have been approved and processed for release by the quality assurer, Umalusi.



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