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MICTSETA Funding Reduction – Less Cents or Less Sense?

In 2016 MICT SETA funded 350 bursaries and 3000 Learnerships for Advertising, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Media. In 2017 they fund a total of 2159 interventions scattered over limited Learnerships, Internships and Bursaries.

MICT SETA Learning Programme opportunities for 2017

In 2016 I thought their targets were low, I’m pretty incredulous with the 2017 goals. It’s shortsighted that we’re not addressing the issue of building IT skills amongst the unemployed and new market entrants from marginalised backgrounds.

A big challenge with each SETA is that they don’t take ownership of how school leavers engage with occupational training. MICT SETA has a role of even greater importance in this space as IT skills are required across every single economic sector.

Do you think that MICTSETA demonstrates a casual, uncoordinated approach to IT skills development? Are they pro-poor, showing us how they ensure greater inclusion into a sector that has many entry barriers?

Post your comment below.

Table below indicates the SETA Learning Programme opportunities for 2017

If you’re a potential learner you should know the following:

  1. Training providers will compete for funding to deliver these programmes.
  2. Programmes may or may not be available in your province. If they are not, ask about relocation stipends for learners who need to move.
  3. Ask about being placed on an official database so that your name can be made available to the service providers who are awarded the contracts.

To see MICTSETA 2016 funding, click here 

MICT SSETA Funded Programmes for 2017


Learning Programme

Learning Areas

Number of Learner Opportunities

Contact Person

MICT SETA 2017 Learnerships Technical Support

Systems Support

Film and Media

1350 Mr Jabu Sibeko


Tel. No. :

011 207 2600



Bursaries Computer Science Information Technology Media Advertising 370
Internships Media Advertising Telecommunication Information Technology 439
Skills Programmes 0
Work Integrated Learning 0
Apprenticeships 0
Total Interventions 2159

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