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Thanks Leonie Hall for the wonderful workshop that really assisted me with all the basics of accreditation with SETAs as service provider, Assessor, Facilitator and/or Moderator. I highly recommend this workshop to any person who is already or planning to be involved in this industry.

-Ernest Hlongwane

Durban SETA and QCTO Accreditation Workshops

Structuring Successful Accreditation Strategies

Workshops cover legislated accreditation criteria for education and training organisations whilst drawing clear linkages between your operations and market strategy.

If your business fails to expand after you’ve been accredited – you’ve done something wrong! Most likely you failed to conduct a comprehensive market analysis. Attend these workshops, get answers and go ahead!

Windermere, Durban Dates (10 am – 1pm)


The future of occupational training lies with the QCTO

How to Become a QCTO Accredited Skills Development Provider

The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations workshop is ideal for those feeling challenged by imminent changes. Spend time with us to catch your breath, find direction and understand the market.

While most accreditation for most qualifications is still only available via the SETAs, from 2018 the QCTO will assume provider accrediting powers. Providers applying for accreditation need to check if the qualification they wish to be accredited for is still with the SETA or now only available through the QCTO.

Select Your Workshops

Tight Budget?

If you can only attend two workshops – attend Building Blocks and the QCTO workshops.


Building blocks provides a holistic overall understanding of accreditation and helps you map a viable strategy.

The QCTO session is vital if you intend to offering market related training beyond 2018.

Is it still viable to pursue SETA accreditation?

Yes. Many qualifications for diverse markets are only available via SETAs and are not yet ready for the QCTO. The QCTO, in partnership with the SETAs are going to have to do a massive amount of work to be ready for 2018. If you’re not yet accredited you need both of these workshops.



 Why should I do these workshops if I already have Provisional Accreditation?

Sign up for the QCTO workshop as that’s your inevitable future and do any of the 4 SETA focussed workshops that address your specific needs for FULL accreditation.

  • Building Blocks summarises all accreditation requirements for SETAs and assists with QCTO accreditation functions.
  • Quality management systems & Review mechanism: covers core criteria 2 and 3
  • Programme development, Learner management and assessment management: covers core criteria 4, 6 and 7
  • Management system, Policy statement and Human Resources: covers core criteria 8, 1, 5

What if I already have full SETA Accreditation?

Fantastic! All you probably need is the QCTO workshop…unless you want to send your team for a bootcamp session or two.



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