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QCTO Code of Conduct for Development and Assessment Quality Partners

Assessment Quality Partners (AQP) are delegated by the QCTO to manage and coordinate the external integrated summative assessments of specified NQF registered occupational qualifications and part qualifications.

The QCTO Code of Conduct for Development Quality Partners (DQP) and Assessment Quality Partners (AQP)

This is the code of conduct that AQPs and DQPs sign:

We, the undersigned, wish to be appointed by the QCTO as a DQP/AQP. We agree that, if the QCTO delegates such functions to us, we hereby commit ourselves to abide by the QCTO’s Code of Conduct in relation to all our work. The Code of Conduct to which we agree is as follows:

  1. promoting the objectives of the NQF;
  2. dealing fairly, professionally and equitably with stakeholders whilst accelerating the redress of past unfair discrimination;
  3. consulting with all relevant stakeholders that have an interest in the development and assessment of occupational qualifications and sharing of best practice;
  4. executing our responsibilities and accountabilities timeously and with due regard to the accountability to our constituents that we are committed to serve;
  5. seeking at all times to create a positive environment for the development and assessment process and respect the historical diversity of learners’ cultural, linguistic and educational backgrounds;
  6. declaring any conflict of interest that may infringe on the execution of our delegated responsibilities;
  7. recuse ourselves from any decision-making process which may result in improper personal gain that will impact negatively on the values cherished by the QCTO;
  8. recognising the public’s rights of access to information, excluding information that is specifically protected by the law;
  9. acting in a manner that will respect, promote and protect the goodwill and reputation of occupational qualification family;
  10. reporting all relevant information about best practices and irregularities in the development and assessment process of which we become aware.


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