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Northern Cape TVET Colleges and Funding Contacts

Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges in South Africa provide important opportunities for qualifying in different careers.

Northern Cape Colleges Information

There are fifty registered and accredited public TVET Colleges in South Africa which operate on more than 264 campuses spread across the rural and urban areas of the country. Public TVET Colleges are established and operated under the authority of the Continuing Education and Training Act 16 of 2006 and report to the Department of Higher Education and Training. Each Province has an office that provides specialised professional support to the public TVET Colleges in that province.

TVET Overview

  • Public TVET Colleges are subsidised by the state with approximately R6 billion per year.
  • There are more than 650 000 students in public TVET Colleges.


  • The Department of Higher Education and Training offers bursaries which are available for National Certificate Vocational courses and courses at public TVET Colleges to students who meet the criteria. These bursaries are not loans. The bursaries are administered by the National Student Financial Aid Service (NSFAS).  Other bursaries are also available, which will vary from college to college. Prospective students should enquire at the college at which you plan to enroll as to what bursaries are available for the course that you would like to study.
  • During 2015 approximately 200 000 students at TVET Colleges benefitted from DHET bursaries administered by NSFAS.
  • Department of Higher Education and Training, TVET College bursaries that are administered by the NSFAS, are available but are subject to two important criteria:
  1. The prospective student will be required to undergo a ‘means test’ that will indicate that the student really does need financial assistance. A means test is not an actual test that you must be afraid of – it’s usually questions about your personal situation in order to see if you are someone who must be assisted.
  2. That the student has a good academic performance record.
  • Prospective students who believe that they may meet these criteria should contact their nearest public TVET College.  The college will provide the application forms and oversee the application process.

Modes of Delivery

Different colleges may offer qualifications in different ways – this is referred to as a ‘mode of delivery’. Some colleges also offer blended learning (e-learning) facilities for some course content. A number of the larger campuses have Open Learning Centres.  Further information can be given by the college on this aspect when applying or enrolling for course admission.

What are these Qualifications Worth?

In an effort to ensure that courses are relevant to the needs of commerce and industry, public colleges go to great lengths to secure linkages and partnerships with key role-players in commerce and industry and with the Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA’s). A number of colleges have a management division devoted to this aspect.

 Job Shadowing and Practical Workplace Exposure

Public TVET colleges try as far as possible to facilitate job shadowing and practical workplace opportunities for top performing students. Many campuses also operate simulated enterprises to augment the need for practical exposure related to the course of study.

International Exchange

In an increasingly globalised labour market, a number of public TVET Colleges have international partnerships with similar institutions in various parts of the world. This ensures that education and training is internationally benchmarked with best practice in diverse international settings.

The following table lists contact details for Northern Cape Colleges recognised by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

​College Name​Campus Name​Principal​Campus ManagerPostal AddressPhysical AddressTel. no.Fax no.E-mail Address
Northern Cape Rural FET College (B)Mr P (Percy) SagoP.O Box 1834 UpingtonSteve Naude
De Aar (140)Ms E MitchellPrivate Bag x009 De Aar 7000Van Riebeeck Street DeAar
Kathu (141)Mr L RensPrivate Bag x504 Kathu 8446Hans Coetzee Avenue
084 583 3281
KurumanMr L FoutiePrivate Bag x1529 Kuruman 84609 Voortreker Street
Namaqualand (142)Ms P GaleboePO Box 88 Okiep 8270112 Main Road
Upington (143)Mr W DeliePrivate Bag x5975 Upington 8800Steve Naude Street Upington
Northern Cape Urban FET College (A)Central OfficeDr CF (Clifford) BarnesPrivate Bag X5031Central Office(053) 839 2000/2061(053) 839
PA  Aysha AdamKimberley37 - 41 Long Street
City CampusMr W JampiesPrivate Bag X5031City Campus(053) 839 2000(053) 832
Kimberley 8300Cullinan Cresent
Moremogolo CampusMrs P GaleboePrivate Bag X5031Moremogolo Campus(053) 802 4700(053) 802
Kimberley 830077 Nobengula St Galeshewe Kimberley 8301

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