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"I can count on one hand the number of people who wrote me a thank you letter after having an interview, and I gave almost all of them a job.”
- Kate Reardon

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Top Interview Question Answered

Why Do You Want To Work Here? <BANG>

This is a frequently asked interview question and interviewers expect you to have thought your answer through. There’s a huge difference between a well thought out response and a spontaneous one. Don’t be spontaneous. Plan your answer thoroughly by researching the company and the job.

Preparation ‘Why do you want to work here?’


  1. Check the company website – what they do, their values and a bit about the people there.
  2. If it’s a big company, google ‘what’s it like to work at xxx’ – insert name of company.  Sites such as Glass Door and The Job Crowd tell it like it is! Companies are rated in terms of salaries and benefits, management, corporate culture and job-life balance.
  3. Google the job title that you will have and find out more about the type of work you will do. Ask yourself if it’s enough to interest you.

 Sometimes you need to say No

You may think any job will do, but truth is, each one of us is special and should look for something that suits our personalities, dreams and ambitions.

Gather information and asked yourself if you want to work there. Score the company on things that are important to you:

  • a vibrant corporate culture with an open door leadership policy – Is their website boring, too many managers and middle managers who all look the same?
  • progressive image (leaders in their field) – any YouTube videos? Any unique and interesting information posted by the company?
  • openness to innovation – FB comments disabled because they don’t like challenges?!

If You Want To Apply

Now you know how research can help you make a decision, here’s what to do if you want the job.

  1. Find information about the company that you like.
    • If you’re into design and know they won an award for it, let them know you were impressed by their work and say what you liked about it. Don’t just repeat what their website says, explain why you like specific things about them. For example, if a company describes its culture as dynamic, don’t say: “I like the dynamic culture.” Instead, say: “You aren’t afraid to try new ways of doing things and always stay ahead of your competitors. That’s something I really admire.”
  2.  How will your skills enable you to add value and contribute to the company that you like?
    • Perhaps you’re applying to a tech company where innovative and curious minds are an asset. Give them an example of a time when you were innovative or decided to learn something new just because you could.
  3. Look at what the company says about their corporate culture.
    • If they look conventional, dress to fit in. Once you have the job you can slowly start introducing them to your red and yellow shirts.

5 Great Topics to Use to Impress

Say things like, ‘I want to work here because…’:

 Of what you (the company) do

– explain what it is about their product or service that interests you.

 Of the culture

– what do you like about the culture, is there anything specific? Most companies are pretty much the same, it’s companies like Google where you can expect really crazy culture. (I’d take a job there!)

 Of your recent successes and accomplishments

 Of the company philosophy and mission

 Of the career development opportunities you offer

You don’t have to be able to speak about all these points, but definitely prepare at least three.

Do Not

Say that you want the job because of the great salaries, benefits or holidays. This will make it look like you only want to be there for superficial reasons and don’t really care about the company.

Apply if you can’t find anything to like. Use your research to find their competition and apply there.

Remember that finding a job is a two-way process; as well as the company needing to find out if you are right for them, you must also assess if they are right for you.

Good luck lovely reader!! 🙂 Please share, it’s much appreciated!

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