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How to Register and Apply for SETA Learnerships via the Department of Labour

Learnership applicants do not pay for anything. There is no administration or registration fee and no payment must be made to recruiters.

Only complete forms on SETA, Government Department and trustworthy business websites. 

There are people who set up fake learnership links just to be able to get information from you.

Learnerships are government endorsed training programs that link the SETA, Training provider, Employer and Learner in a contractual relationship. Sometimes the Training Provider and Employer are the same organisation.

Either way, a learnership and apprenticeship is an opportunity to learn and earn.

 What is a Learnership?

A learnership is a structured learning program, just like a qualification you could do at a university or college. It includes a process for gaining theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a workplace. The qualification you receive is registered on the NQF and recognised nationally.

Learners participating in a learnership have to attend classes at a college or training centre to complete classroom-based learning. They also have to complete on-the-job training in a workplace. The workplace experience must be relevant to the qualification.  These learners have the same rights as a permanent or full-time employees but without the benefits.

What the Department of Labor Advises About Learnership Applications

6 Steps: How To Join a Learnership if you are Unemployed 

The following advice has been extracted from the Department of Labour website.

  Unemployed people must register as work-seekers. They must also look for employers and prepare a CV.

Many people don’t know this information!

If unemployed people want to join a learnership they must take the following steps:

Step 1: Decide what skills you want

Think about the kind of training and job you are looking for. E.g. if you like the outdoors, do not apply for office jobs. 
See this list of the SETAs for learnerships.
Different SETAs represent different industries. For example, the MICT SETA funds learnerships for IT and Media. The Services SETA funds hairdressing, management, business administration and many more.

Step 2: Register as work-seeker

Unemployed people must register as work-seekers at their nearest labour centre. This will help employers to find them if they want to start a learnership.

Register As A Work-Seeker 

The following links will take you to Labor Centre contact details for each province:

Step 3: Find employers that offer learnerships

Contact SETAs to find out which employers offer learnerships. Ask friends and family to look out for openings and watch adverts in newspapers.

For a list of SETA websites go here.

Step 4: Draw up a CV

Draw up a CV that gives –
  • personal details; (name, date of birth, etc.)
  • education; (school attended and qualifications)
  • work experience; (names of earlier employers and what you did)
  • other skills; and (driver’s license, computer skills, etc.)
  • referees. (names and contact details of people who know you well)
Think of the kind of questions you may be asked. Practice with a friend.

Click for advice on how to write cover letters

Step 6: Keep your details updated

Keep in contact with your labor centre and update your details when they change.

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Comments (81)

  1. Our Co-operative is looking for young people with Tertiary Diploma from Technikon/TVET who can be given training in the following areas:
    1. Events Management (one person)
    2. Office Administration (one person)

  2. Hi I’m am ex student from amajuba college I completed my n6 for managent assistant last year December I got a place for my inservice training I now hopping to get a stipend i submitted my documents on amajuba central office but no luck

  3. hy im from free state and i have passed my grade12.i looking for a learnership around free state please call me

    1. Hi Omphile
      Please read our posts on how to find and apply for learnerships. If you want something you gotta go out and get it yourself. Read the posts and ask questions if you need more help.
      All the best

  4. Kgadi Disky Matsheletja

    Hi my name is Disky living in Gauteng,I passes my matric in 1994with exemption, and have no funds to further my studies so I’m here looking for a learnership for social work I’m a hardworking Lady aged 42 and dedicate to work harder and under any circumstances. Wish my request for learnership be considered favourably

    1. Hi Disky, please click on GET QUALIFIED on our website to find lots of information and sites that advertise learnerships. Best wishes, Leo

  5. Yoliswa Njomane

    Good day sir or madam. 29 MAY 2017 My name is Yoliswa Njomane , a female of 44 years and presenty working as a facilitator and i passed my grade 12 with result which are not good and i continued studying at college of Cape Town and done ECD level 1 and 4 ,please help me with your learnership studies and give me some tips where do i go for bridging coarse to meet university requirement for my further studies for any reference please contact Andrea Milwidsky ,the principal of Kerem primay on 021 7153014 .Please ,i will be very greatful of your support and my cell number is 0792247792 thank you.

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