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Salary or stipend info

Call and ask, don't give your real name. Companies withholding this information are trying to find the most talented and willing for the lowest rate. DO NOT trust companies who withhold information that has a bearing on your wage negotiation.

Cover Letter Template for Learnerships, Apprenticeships and Internships

Internships, Learnerships and Apprenticeships are occupationally directed training programs. Each considers work experience (on-the-job) as essential features of the training.  

Write Powerful Cover Letters for Job Related Training

Occupational Qualifications

When you write a cover letter to participate in an occupational qualification program, you must show that you understand that it’s an opportunity to learn and gain on-the-job experience.

This means you must be able to show an understanding of at least one of the following:

  1. You know about the company and can explain your reasons for applying.
  2. You know what the qualification is for and can communicate why you want to do this work.

Sometimes companies ask recruitment agencies to select candidates for interviewing.

When they do this, you may not find the hiring company’s name. That’s ok, just research the qualification thoroughly so that you understand what sorts of jobs it prepares you for.

Adapt the Cover Letter template below

Use this template as a guide and make it your own by adding in information that is relevant to you.

In order to live your dream, you must be able to get up and act on your own initiative. If you find yourself looking for a letter to simply copy and send off you’re not that committed to making an effort.

You need to be able to explain who you are, what you have achieved and what you intend achieving in your own words.

Add your specific information and check that everything you add is correct. You don’t have to write more than one page for your cover letter and you may use bullet points if you want to list details.

Many people don’t know this information!

 Cover Letter Template

Dear Learnership Selection Panel / or specific name if you have it. (Don’t put the receptionists’ name, call and ask who will be conducting the interviews.)

Learnership / Apprenticeship Application: Insert the name of the program you are applying for

I wish to submit my CV and copies of certificates in order to be considered for the  above program.

I believe I am a suitable candidate for the following reasons:

  1. Being on this program will provide me with work experience that I can add to my CV,  increasing my job opportunities in the future.
  2. Although I am interested in the insert name (eg. tourism, health and welfare, business administration etc.) sector, I currently lack the skills to be employed there but am determined to become employable and succeed at my dream job.
  3. I want to be employed in this sector because I am good at list skills relevant to the job / industry. Examples: dealing with people, working under pressure, hard physical work, dealing with different cultures, planning events, working in an office, solving maths problems etc.
  4. Add any relevant personal or work experience, personal goals etc to show that you do have a real interest in the qualification field you are applying for. Examples: I have leadership skills and was a sports captain, prefect etc. I was a member of the Enviro Club at school, this developed my love of nature etc. Offering babysitting services in my community has taught me about running a small business.

I understand the commitment that will be required of me on this Learnership / Apprenticeship / Internship. I understand that I must work hard  and be dedicated throughout. This is an opportunity that I am willing to make sacrifices for as it can change my life.

Please find  my CV, ID and certificates attached. I would appreciate the opportunity to be interviewed and to answer any further questions you might have for me.


 Your Prospective Learner

  • You can change the language to suit who you are and make it relevant to the work environment you want to be in.
  • Don’t write like you’re sms’ing last night’s romance or your mates from down the road.

Be the Best ‘You’

A cover letter introduces who you are in a quick, smart and friendly manner. The cover letter must create a positive impression of you to motivate the reader into calling you for an interview.

Check your spelling and grammar!

You need to show that you are someone who tries to do the correct thing. It’s ok to make a mistake, but if you’re using technology such as computers to write – then use the grammar tools that come along with it. The person reading can either consider you to be an efficient or a sloppy person.

What should I write?

The truth!  

What should I explain?

What your skills are (or what you can do). Why and what you want to do once you have this qualification.

How do I communicate professionalism without ever having worked? What if they ask for experience and I have none?

You communicate your vision for yourself and the determination you feel to pursue this field.

Enter the Competition

  • Look for an advert for an occupational training program that you want to apply for. Choose a program related to a job you want to do or the sector you want to work in. 
  • Find a qualification that you really want because it will place you on a career path of your choice.  Sure, try out different qualifications, but be careful of signing up for one that you don’t care about.Studying is difficult but it’s easier when you love what you’re studying. It makes the pain feel worth it!

The important thing to realize is that you are in an aggressive competition for the position and need to look smarter than others sharing your ambitions.

Stand out!

  • Seriously, check your spelling, use proper language or you’ll be left out in the cold.
  • Take pride and show that you are a careful, responsible person who is aware of their impact.
  • Let us know what topics you’d like us to cover in the comments section below.

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